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12 Golden Rules of Work for Freelancers

A strong work ethic is a trait that every employer looks for in his employees. Understanding one’s job and thereby building up a sense of professionalism is a great demand from employees. So, even if you are a freelancer, you need to maintain a minimum level of discipline in your work so that you become one of the most sought-after contractors for your clients. Here are some golden rules of productive and ethical work, suggested for every freelancer. Follow these, and experience the difference.

Value Time

Both your employer’s and your time are very valuable. You need to plan up things very wisely by building up a proper agenda that states when to start the work and submit it accordingly. This will help you in performing your job very smoothly by covering up all the necessary instructions given to you by your employer. You can even use a timer to alert yourself to wrap up the work on time.

Try Having A Great Work Area

Keep the desk up minimal and workspace quite professional. Every sight of your work place should fill you up with a yearning to work in the best way possible. To get an idea, have a look at Pinterest workplace set-up ideas of good work set up even at home. Declutter the work space every time you are done with your work to make yourself feel fresh and ready the next time you come back to your work station.

Set Boundaries In Your Personal And Professional Time

While working from home you will always have guests visiting your place at any time. Then, personal work will crop up at all times of the day. Set up a fixed time for your freelance work and make it clear to all that you are equally busy while working at home as you would be when in office. Never compromise your working hours by slipping away slowly to catch up any personal work. This will lead to incoherence and irregularity in your assignments which will bring down your productivity.

Communicate Well With Your Employer

Communication is the key factor with a massive impact on a project’sprogress. See that effective communication takes place between both the parties to ensure that the project’s requirements and goals are achieved. Never be in a hurry to deliver the project to your employer. See that you have understood the requirements of the job well to get it done fruitfully. Less confusion and no clutter will help you to approach the work the best way possible, enabling mitigation of time wastage and tediousness.

Exchange Feedback

Acknowledge the instructions of your employer to clear all confusions and set yourself for success. Request feedback from your clients to prioritize the investment of your effort towards the most valuable elements of your work.

Maintain Quality In Your Work

Just meeting deadlines are not enough. Revise your work to see that there are no loopholes or recklessness in your work. Maintain the standard of quality your employer demands from your work. Therefore, a constant self-check mechanism, monitoring, and revisingregime are needed to maintain quality.

Don’t Provide Wrong Information In Your Work

Be responsible for all the information provided by you in your resume. Make good use of the information you have access to. Misrepresentation is the first grain of unprofessionalism and will never let you have success flow on your path. Walk the extra mile to make sure potential clients understand your commitment to ethical work.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time On Social Media

Taking advantage of the fact that you are your own boss will do no good to you. Every time a notification enters your phone, it should not distract you from your work. If you cannot concentrate well, try keeping the mobile phone in silent mode. A short break between your prolonged work times is a smart choice. But see that you keep your social networking separate from your work.

Practice Due Diligence

It is at times really tough to guess whether a client can be trusted. For freelancers who are dependent on methods such as online paid surveys, that’s an even more important question. The best recourse is to look for ratings and reviews. Thankfully, there are always niche websites that offer more insights, such as SurveyClarity, which offers clarity as to which survey websites you can rely on.


Carefully evaluate the efforts required to achieve project goals. This tells you whether you should set up an hourly rate or a direct project pricing for your service. Provide an estimate upfront and see that the project is according to the payment priced by you. Try not to make your services a commodity because there will always be another freelancer ready to work at a price less than yours.

Never Race Against The Clock

Freelancing does not mean giving your whole day’s time to your professional work alone. Set fix hours of work and know when to stop to focus your mind on other facets of your life. Working incessantly will drain off all the excitement and enthusiasm that you need for a fruitful freelance work. This builds stress, and takes the fizz out of your freelance work.

Keep Improving

Freelancing is one of the best ways to work where you have the comforts of home while doing your professional work. In order to know whether you are on the right path of freelancing, look for tips and coaching on freelance blogs to up your game.

Concluding Remarks

All fields of work call for a high sense of productivity and professionalism. The determination to succeed is necessary for every walk of life, whether you are a freelancer or a regular worker. But freelancers need rules to adhere to as they work on their own terms and time. The above rules will build a good relationship between you and your employer making you the most desirable and proficient freelancer.

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