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3 Reasons A Small Business Might Need Quick Funding

The following is a sponsored post in partnership with Quick Loans Direct.

While I’m lucky that a blogging business is an extremely affordable business to run, the average business does cost more in order to see success. Between having physical locations, employees, inventory, and more, it can cost a good chunk of change in order to keep a business running.

When running a business, whether you just started a business or if you have been running it for years, a small business loan or other funding of some sort may be desired or needed.

In fact, according to the Small Business Administration, around 75% of small businesses need funding of some sort each year.

That is a lot of businesses who use funding each year, and I honestly had no idea that it was so high. It makes sense, though, as there are so many reasons for why funding may be needed in order to run a successful business.

By securing a business loan, such as with Quick Loans Direct, you may be able to grow your business faster, get your business through slower times (such as if you are a seasonal business), prepare for a busier time of the year, expand your business, and so on.

Many businesses secure loans and see great success from it. Of course, you always want to be smart about obtaining a loan and think about your goal with it, and make sure you are realistic as to not waste money or get a loan that you cannot afford to pay back. You also want to make sure that you completely understand the business loan that you may be taking out, such as the payment terms, the amount of interest you will owe, and so on.

Here are three reasons a small business might need quick funding.


1. To start a new business.

When starting a new business, many times, funding is needed.

Yes, many times the founder will use their own money to start it, but many times funding, such as through a loan, is wanted in order to speed up the process and get the business actually started. Or, a new business venture may be quite costly, so securing a business loan can help get the business off the ground and actually started.

This funding can be used towards things such as finding employees, purchasing materials to create products, buy inventory, purchase computers, and so on.


2. To purchase an asset.

When growing your small business, you may have to purchase an asset. This may be a new furniture, a machine, a vehicle, a building, or something else, and you may need to secure funding, such as a loan, in order to purchase the item.


3. To purchase inventory.

Loans are sometimes needed for inventory, such as to build a new business from the ground, or to get you through a busier or slower time of the year with your business.

For example, for many businesses, inventory is one of the biggest expenses, if not the biggest. If you’re a seasonal business, then you may need an inventory loan in order to purchase inventory.


Examples of funding for different industries.

Here are some examples of different types of companies that may need funding:

  • A medical practice may need funding for extra working capital for the equipment that they need, to expand their medical practice, to hire new staff, and so on.
  • A trucking company may need financing for new trucks and marketing.
  • An e-commerce company may need financing for the products they wish to sell, advertising, a new website, and more.

Have you ever needed funding for your business? What was the reason?

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