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4 Options for People Looking to Get a Used Car Loan

Driving is a part of life in the United States. We live in a large, spread out nation, which requires the use of vehicles to get from place to place. Many people choose to buy new cars. The US recently saw many years in a row of record new car sales. In 2016, Americans bought 17.6 million new cars at an average price of $35,309. While that seems substantial, it comes nowhere close to the volume of used car sales. In a typical year, between 35 and 45 million used cars are bought in the US.

There are many advantages to purchasing used. After a few years, it becomes clear if the model has any inherent issues. You can also get much better deals on used vehicles than new ones. But even if you’re purchasing a less expensive car, you’ll probably need to get some form of financing for it. Here’s where to get a used car loan.

Your Local Bank or Credit Union

You might intuitively go to your normal financial institution when looking for a used car loan. There are a few advantages to getting a loan from your local bank or credit union. The people there will likely know you better than at other lenders. This neighborly attitude is good for your peace of mind. They’re probably not going to trick you into signing up for a loan they know you can’t afford. The drawback to going with one of these options is that local banks and credit unions can often have lending restrictions. This might disqualify some people from being able to get a competitive loan, or even getting one at all.

Online Auto Loan Specialists

You’ll definitely want to shop with specialized auto loan experts like, for example, RoadLoans when looking for a used car loan. When you work with an online car loan organization, you’re talking to people who have bountiful expertise in this field. That specialized knowledge will help you get a loan for a used vehicle regardless of your situation. Even people with bad credit, or who have recently gone through bankruptcy, can negotiate with these lenders. You can often score deals on vehicles if the lender partners with used car dealerships. Additionally, a huge bonus of applying for a used car loan online is that you can do it at your convenience. Having unconventional work hours won’t hinder you from getting a great loan.

National Branded Banks

People who bank at a national chain will often try to go there for their financing purposes. Sometimes this works out great, sometimes it doesn’t. A lot of times big banks will be less willing to work with people who want to finance a used car, especially if they’ve had credit issues in the past, or don’t have high balances in their accounts. While this route will work for some people, it’s certainly not the best choice for everyone.

On-Site Dealership Financing

You’ll find many used car dealerships will offer direct financing to customers. This is an enticing option because it seems much more convenient than going to a separate lender. However, you should make sure that you read the fine print when going over a loan from a dealership. A lot of times they will include hidden fees that can end up making the loan unaffordable for you. And if you can’t pay the loan, they’ll be able to take back the car. If you’re going to take this financing route, make sure you trust the people. Otherwise, you might end up losing a lot of money.

It’s important that you take the time to understand the contents of your used car loan before signing any paperwork. Failing to pay back a loan can be a huge problem for you down the line. Finding the right loan with the right lender will make buying a used car an infinitely better process.

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