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4 Things Investors Should Know About Hai Di Lao’s IPO

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Hot pot fans, listen up! If you love Hai Di Lao, then this is going to be news for you. The famous Hai Di Lao listed its shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at HK$17.80 per share on 26 September 2018 (today). binary options 100 bonus are four things you got to know about Hai Di Lao as it prepares to IPO with an estimated valuation of US$12 billion.

Investors Takeaway: 4 Things Investors Should Know About Hai Di Lao’s IPO

  1. Conquering The World With Its Hot Pot Culture

For those of you who haven’t tried their hot pot, Hai Di Lao is a leading hotpot restaurant chain that is well known for its high level of service and impeccable dining experience. It was established in 1994 in Jianyang, Sichuan. Today, Hai Di Lao is a global leading and fast-growing hotpot restaurant chain with 362 outlets. Hai Di Lao started its overseas expansion from a China-only business with Singapore being its first overseas venture. Tbinary options 100 bonusafter, Hai Di Lao expanded to the US, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

  1. IPO To Finance Its Expansion Plans

Hai Di Lao currently has 162 outlets with signed leases that will be set to open in the near future. Apart from those, Hai Di Lao is planning to open 180-220 more outlets in FY18 with 15-25 stores to be located overseas. It will be expanding into new markets in Macau, Canada, Australia, UK, Malaysia and Vietnam by end-FY19.

Hai Di Lao’s IPO will be used to finance its expansion plans with 60 percent of the IPO proceeds going to fund expansions. Another 20 percent will be used to develop and implement new technology, including projects to enhance customer experience and projects related to food safety. The rest will be used to clear existing debt and for working capital purposes.

  1. What’s Unique About Hai Di Lao? Its Business Structure

Hai Di Lao runs its traditional hot pot business in a unique fashion. The two pillars of Hai Di Lao’s business philosophy are thoughtful and personalised services and a fair compensation system. This is a unique business structure for a traditional business.

Hai Di Lao has put in a lot of effort to deliver its commitment to its customers by providing attentive customer service. Each dining experience at Hai Di Lao starts with free beverages and snacks, manicure, and games while customers wait for their queue number.

It has a well-designed compensation system to incentivise Hai Di Lao’s restaurant managers to put business’ interest as priority. Hai Di Lao’s restaurant managers are compensated in line with profitability of restaurants. The managers are also incentivised to train and mentor junior staff, which helps Hai Di Lao to build a strong team to service its customers.

  1. Partnering Alibaba To Unlock The Potential Of Artificial Intelligence

Hai Di Lao is also seeking to harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence to enhance its business decisions and customer experience. Hai Di Lao has developed an AI platform with Alibaba that will help the management look for suitable restaurant sites. It is also planning to develop an intelligent kitchen, better inventory and supply chain, and restaurant staff management with AI. In terms of customer experience, Hai Di Lao is currently developing technology to allow guests to personalize their own soup base, which will be launched in late 2018.

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