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5 Crypto Portfolio Tracking Apps You Should Know

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The crypto market is recognized as one of the most volatile financial markets out there. This makes it quite important for any crypto trader or investor, to have a convenient and efficient way to track and monitor the prices of coins along with the base assets Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are many great apps to do exactly this task. Let’s meet some of the leading ones:


Blockfolio is arguably the most popular portfolio tracking app around. It only exists as a mobile app version. Blockfolio tracks a wide range of coins amounting to about 3000+ in total, and it has numerous features such as;

  • Connecting the private API allows users to collate all their trade transactions in real-time
  • Allowing users to view the value of their trade portfolio in 30+ major fiat currencies as well as in ETH and BTC
  • Helping users with charting their crypto investment stats
  • An RSS news feed and an option to check the actual order book
  • Price alerts

The Blockfolio app also features a basic privacy protection protocol, which includes hiding your balance as well as locking the app with a password.

Score:  4.7 (Google Play, 1 million+ downloads), 4.7 (Apple iTunes)

Cost: Free




The real edge the Delta Crypto tracker App has over most other apps in its category is the speed at which freshly released coins are added to the platform.

Delta App is designed with several basic features such as:

  • An overview of the portfolio
  • A well-detailed coin analysis (high, order book, low, market cap, volume as well as the current market price of the coin)
  • A market watchlist, which makes it convenient to track specific coins
  • With the wallets and exchange API, the App provides a real-time portfolio balance.

Score: 4.7 (Google play, 100,000+ downloads), 4.8 (Apple iTunes)

Cost: Free




The News feature is the best part of the app, as it offers an excellent overview of the latest crypto-news. The  feature comes with the ability to filter the type of news received, based on specific criteria.

Just like most Portfolio tracking apps on the market right now, Cryptopanic App comes with a variety of features such as:

  • Basic or elaborate view of coins price patterns, and portfolio size
  • Price alerts
  • Users can also make trading decisions based on community votes
  • A pro (paid) version which includes crypto signals on high-interest cryptos, adds external RSS feeds, disables or enables news sources and more.

Score: 4.4 (Google play, 10,000+ downloads), 4.8 (Apple iTunes)

Cost: Free, Pro version $9 per month or $99 per year


Another popular portfolio tracking app with over 2,000 cryptocurrencies. Bitsnapp synchronizes with 25 exchanges and 50+ wallet types. However, the app is not available for Apple iOS users. Some unique features include:

  • Syncs with most of the popular mining pools, thus providing real-time statistics for miners.
  • An extra security layer
  • Easy adding of trading transactions.
  • A news aggregator

Score: 4.8 (Google play, 10,000+ downloads), Not available for iTunes.

Cost: Free


Crypto Viewer

crypto Viewer

The Crypto Viewer app has been created by a Crypto enthusiast who also happens to be a programmer. Crypto Viewer is the only crypto tracking app with no ads.  The Crypto Viewer app features some of the basic things expected from a portfolio monitoring app:

  • Full sync with exchanges, mining pools, and wallets
  • Privacy protocols
  • Price alerts
  • News feeds

Score: 4.7 (Google Play, 50,000+ downloads), 4.8 (Apple iTunes)

Cost: Free

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