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Apple Stock

Apple Stock

Apple Stock: the new go to option solution


If there is one thing we love as traders it is to find something within the markets that holds the right conditions not just for us personally but that suits our strategic plans and formats. If you are new to Binary Options then let me shed a little light on what I mean. The basics of what we are looking for in a stock type is easy predictability. That way we can easily apply our strategy to buy at the right time and hence earn profits. Volatile stocks with very unpredictable movements make it hard to plan and the risk factor goes up beyond our plans and must therefore be left aside or you will soon find that you are out of funding.

One of the benefits of modern technology companies as stock options is that there are a lot of factors within the market that are pre-planned such as new product launches which generate a significant amount of hype that, more often than not, leads to a boost in share index prices. Looking for and planning around such events is key to success in trading against them.


Why Apple stock?


The answer is easy. Not only are they one of the most innovative technology companies around but even the press events and idea generation machine works in favor of the markets boosting the prices ever higher.

Apple has had a long turbulent history since its founding back in 1976. It has had its share of financial difficulties and has even faced the bitter end but since entering the mobile device arena it has lifted off and become the premier innovator in the market with pre-sales almost outstripping possible supply.


Can I make money from it?


Yes. The best thing about technology companies is that they are something of a house of cards where one wrong statement can lead to share prices falling or growing. Binary options, which can take advantage of either shift, make trading with them something special. Like any stock at the pinnacle of its movement downshifts in price are common place even if they are minor but generally they coincide with an event of some type which is ideal for prediction modeling.

Why use binary options instead of buying Apple stock?


Firstly you don’t have to actually own the stock which means that you can put your money at risk if and when you feel comfortable which reduces risk factors by an immeasurable amount. Secondly since you can buy options when you like and to cover either direction of movement you can make money even when a stock price is falling. Thirdly you don’t need to have vast sums of money invested to trade. Binary Options can be bought for as little as $5 making it accessible to everyone. And lastly, with the right broker, you don’t always lose 100% of your investment should your option now work out as planned.


Apple Stock

So as you can see the advantages are many and the disadvantages are few. Binary Options may be the new boy in the trading world but there has never been anything like it before to make it as easy as it is to get into stock trading.