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Are You On Team Cashback This CNY?

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This Chinese New Year, SingSaver is launching its BIGGEST credit card promotion campaign ever. It is a campaign that truly divides loyalties as the battle lines have clearly been drawn. SingSaver is pitching Cashback credit cards against Air Miles credit cards. The rewards for this unique campaign are massive, so make sure you pick the correct side. And that means you ought to be on #teamcashback this Chinese New Year.

For SingSaver’s 2019 Chinese New Year (‘CNY’) campaign, they have asked the financial bloggers to pick a side. Readers would know that loyal forex frequents cashback, discount and comparison websites all the time. In fact, he proudly wears the heart of #teamcashback on his sleeve. Therefore, it was a rather moot question from SingSaver. But how would you know if you belong to #teamcashback?

Are you someone who:

  • appreciates convenience
  • prefers tangible rewards
  • is practical and sees value

If your answer is a resounding yes, then cashback credit cards would suit you best. That means you ought to apply for only cashback credit cards during SingSaver’s CNY campaign.

As the bloggers have been divided into two main camps (#teamcashback or #teamairmiles), the total number of sign-ups will be tallied at the end of the campaign (31 Jan 2019) to determine the overall GROUP winner. The results matter as it directly affects the size of the angbao that you will receive from SingSaver for each credit card application made during this promotion (see next paragraph) Therefore, the collective efforts of #teamcashback can possibly propel you to even greater rewards!

3 Awesome Rewards

As aforementioned, the rewards for this CNY campaign are absolutely massive. To be exact, each applicant is eligible for a total of 3 different types of rewards.

A. Sign-up Rewards From Both The Bank and SingSaver

Both the issuing bank and SingSaver will be dishing out the usual rewards for every credit card successfully applied. For example, the Standard Chartered Unlimited Credit Card, whose annual fee is waived for the first 2 years, is offering $250 (cash+csahback) for new customers in this SingSaver promo. Here is loyal forex’s in-depth review of this no-nonsense cashback credit card.

During this CNY promotion, loyal forex and Heartland Girl will be applying for The Amex True Cashback credit card to prepare for their furniture shopping at Gain City. Firstly, a delicious 3% cashback on up to a total of $5,000 spend is awarded for the first 6 months. Secondly, Gain City is giving out furniture vouchers valued at over 8% of minimum spend if shoppers elect to pay with PaySmall, an instalment plan by American Express. Finally, the balance payment not paid via PaySmall continues to be eligible for 1.5% -3% of cashback from The Amex True Cashback Card. All in, the total cashback for a total spend of $5,000 is calculated at 6% – 6.5%. loyal forex believes that this is one of the highest cash back rates achievable for furniture shopping. That is essentially loyal forex’s credit card strategy for fitting out his BTO flat.

B. Cash Angbao From SingSaver For Winning Team Only

This is where it can get really interesting and the power of the #teamcashback community will be truly tested! Not only will a team win together, it will win big together.


Diagram 1: Different tiers of cash angbao per credit card application for the winning team

As Diagram 1 shows, the cash angbao is tiered according to the total number of applicants that the winning camp manages to garner. For instance, in the very unlikely scenario that #teamairmiles emerges triumphant with a pooled total of 850 applicants at the end of the promotion period, each applicant who applied for an airmiles credit card will receive an additional $40 from 2 Feb 2019 onwards. Therefore, the winning camp’s collective efforts will be handsomely rewarded with this bonus angbao! Head over to the application page to check the score being updated daily!

C. A MEGA $888 Cash For 3 Lucky Persons

The final giveaway is a humongous $888 cash, of which 3 applicants from the winning team will get to walk away with.

Here are the mechanics to be eligible:

  1. Apply for any participating credit card(s) during the campaign period
  2. Like this SingSaver post ,tag 3 friends, and answer the question in Step 3


  1. Answer this question “Why is Cashback card better than Airmiles card?”* by commenting on that SingSaver post
  2. Wait for #teamcashback to be announced as the winning camp (results from 1 Feb 2019)
  3. Top 3 answers from the winning camp, as determined in the sole discretion of SingSaver, will be awarded $888 CASH before 28 Feb 2019

*Each credit card application allows applicant to submit one answer

What Cashback Cards Are On Offer

Having explained how SingSaver’s 2019 CNY credit card campaign works, here are the cashback credit cards deals (Part A of the total rewards whereby you are guaranteed to receive when your application is approved).


Diagram 2: Different types of Cashback Credit Cards And Their Respective Sign-up Gifts

How to Participate In This Fantastic Campaign


Click On Diagram To participate in this CNY promotion

  1. Click on this affiliate link to reach the campaign landing page (before 31 Jan 2019)
  2. Click on any of the cashback cards you would like to apply for
  3. Fill in your email address and you will be redirected to bank’s application form
  4. Complete bank’s application form and take note of the reference number (required in Step 6)
  5. Check your email inbox and look out for an email from SingSaver after Step 4 has been completed
  6. Open the SingSaver email and provide your name, mobile number, reference number so that you will be eligible for the sign-up Reward. This must be done within the next 14 days of completing Step 4.
  7. You will be notified about your sign-up reward via email within 60-90 days from the date of redemption submission or the date of your credit card approval, whichever is later.

Since this is the start of the year, why not get the right credit card to manage your expenses tactfully?

Disclaimer: Note that this article contains some affiliate links that allow loyal forex to earn a small fee for every successful referral.

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