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Battle of the Browsers – Brave Gains Users Driven Away by Google’s Privacy Policy

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Warsaw, Poland. 21 September 2018. Sign Google. Company signboard Google. Source: shutterstock.com

Though it was Facebook that was hit by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it is safe to believe that Google isn’t exactly a “privacy guru” either. Google’s suite of services now goes everywhere from Gmail to YouTube. Its browser, Google Chrome, is one of the most popular in the market, even though it has received harsh criticism from some people in the security and blockchain community.

A few days ago, Google released a new privacy policy update. This in combination with some recent news about the company’s social score plan with the Chinese government is making users think about using alternatives.

Chrome’s Trash Is Brave’s Treasure

Browsers have historically been thrashed for their questionable security and privacy policies, and it looks like Google has just taken a step that will make some users think twice before using it. The browser, which earlier made login to Google services an opt-in for users, has now made it compulsory.

This means logging in to one Google service essentially means logging in to every connected account in the name of “sync.” Now, Google will stop explicitly notifying users that they are logged in to connected services, which is a huge privacy threat to users. The question about “user consent” is now being ignored by the browser.

Thus, people are preferring to use a third-party application that isn’t Google’s, showing a lack of trust. That’s where Brave, a blockchain-based privacy-oriented browser that has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, proves handy for users.

Brave has four million monthly active users, and the number is expected to grow as more people say goodbye to Chrome. Brave offers not only privacy but also security and helps users take control of their browsing. They can even use Basic Attention Token (BAT) to pay the publishers of their choice, instead of dealing with hundreds of ads each day.

News Isn’t Serving Google Well

Recently, there was news about Google developing a social score for Chinese citizens in collaboration with the government that would make use of their browsing habits. In some pilot programs, the Chinese citizens are being scored out of 800 or 900 points.

Those with better scores get into better hotels and better universities and get better social treatment, while others are effectively marginalized. The entire program contains surveillance cameras with facial recognition, 24-hour user tracking and more.

Some Reddit users are connecting Google with the program, which could be harmful in building user trust.

However, Brave isn’t leaving any stones unturned to make 2018 problematic for the tech behemoth. It has reportedly filed two formal complaints accusing the search giant of violating the General Data Protection Regulation.

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