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Best Retirement Cities

Here’s a list of the 50 best retirement cities from Business Insider:

The top ten:

10. Las Vegas
9. Austin
8. Denver
7. Honolulu
6. Salt Lake City
5. Atlanta
4. Scottsdale
3. Miami
2. Tampa
1. Orlando

A few thoughts from me:

  • The Florida cities did so well because they have no state income tax, great weather, and lots to do.
  • Denver is awesome, though I like Colorado Springs better. It’s an hour away from Denver in case you want to go there but the traffic is about 1/100th as bad.
  • I’m surprised that Honolulu made it. It looks like the only high-cost city on the list. Obviously it has a lot going for it, but I’m surprised it overcame the cost-factor.

If you were advocating for a “best place to retire”, what city would you add to the list?

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