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Bitcoin PR Company Announces Free One-Hour Consultation for Blockchain Start-ups

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Bitcoin PR Buzz, the original Bitcoin PR agency based in Belize, has announced a no-strings-attached, free one-hour PR strategy consultation session for new clients. Blockchain companies that want to expand their reach and enhance their influence across the globe can take advantage of this free session and learn ways in which they can utilize the power of PR in the blockchain space. The agency doesn’t demand that clients sign up for monthly subscriptions, companies can simply select from three one-off press release distribution services.

Five Years of Experience

With five years of valuable experience in the industry, Bitcoin PR Buzz has become an essential ally for every blockchain company that intends to make it big in this sector. It provides press release submission, article writing, and other services for blockchain start-ups to help them grow to their full potential.

Free Evaluation and More

Its recently announced summer initiative will allow start-ups to understand the nuances of PR with a free one-hour consultation. Those who take up the offer will get a specialized account manager, who will provide exclusive services and consultation.

The consultation, which is run over a Skype meeting with the account manager, will include an analysis of the companies’ social media, platform and whitepaper. Suggestions and approaches for improving their existing strategy will also be provided.

Companies and startups who are interested can make use of Bitcoin PR Buzz’s Platinum Executive Package, which includes 11 original featured articles on top Bitcoin media channels as well as the usual PR publications on multiple crypto media channels and 500+ mainstream news sites.

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