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BitTorrentNow to Become the Main Website for TRON Super Representative Campaign

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MONTREAL, CANADA - JUNE 20, 2018: Tron crypto currency home page. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to generate and transfer funds. Site - tron.network. Source: shutterstock.com

Justin Sun and BitTorrentNow (BTN) both announced that TRON would be using the BTN website as the official site for the TRON Super Representative campaign. BitTorrentNow is now officially one of the 27 SR candidates that will be chosen to contribute to the further development of the TRON mainnet.

BitTorrentNow Website to Host the TRON Super Representative Campaign

On August  13, BitTorrentNow (BTN) joined the TRON SR network, tronsr.org. On August 14, the BTN team published a post on the said website, stating that BTN is to become the official website for the TRON Super Representative campaign.

In the same publication, BitTorrentNow also announced that it is officially entering the race to become one of the 27 TRON Super Representatives. The post reads:

“BitTorrentNow has officially announced that it will run for the TRON Super Representative. BitTorrentNow is committed to building a more open, transparent and efficient network. This mission is well aligned with TRON’s vision. We are all devoted to building a more open and decentralized Internet so as to revitalize the Internet. We believe that our cooperation with TRON will help build a brighter future for the Internet.”

Justin Sun, CEO and founder of TRON, also shared the news via his official Twitter page. He said:

TRON Set to Decentralize the Web

The TRON CEO recently shared an interview, where he talked about decentralizing the Internet. Sun stressed that people are in need of decentralization and that they need an alternative store of value.

BitTorrent was also mentioned in the interview as an integral part of the future that TRON holds for the decentralized Internet. He said that the reason for the acquisition of BitTorrent is that TRON and BitTorrent have the same vision — they both believe in decentralization.

More keynotes in TRON’s Whitepaper address TRON’s utilization of BitTorrent.

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