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Block.one Attracts More Developers Closer to EOSIO and Blockchain Technology With ‘Elemental Battles’ Tutorial

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands - July 6, 2018 Website of block.one. Block.one is a developer cryptocurrency token and blockchain EOS.IO or EOS. Source; shutterstock.com

Block.one, a software publisher specializing in blockchain technologies and the creator of the EOSIO protocol, announced on Oct. 18 the release of a game-based learning tutorial called Elemental Battles.

The Elemental Battles Lessons and Card Game

The tutorial contains eight separate lessons, presented in a split-screen format, where it provides users with a coding window and all the necessary instructions. It covers topics such as the initial setup of a development environment, the basics of EOSIO smart contract development, writing simple AI code, game logic validation, and predesigned graphical assets.

Following the completion of the tutorial, participants are then prompted to play a blockchain-based card game, on which users compete against the computer. The cards represent each of three ancient elements (wood, fire, and water), and the players have to select the correct card that beats the card selected by the computer. Every action that happens during the game is permanently recorded on the blockchain, giving developers the opportunity to learn the functionalities of distributed ledger technology in real time.

Elemental Battles as an Entry Point to Blockchain and EOSIO Ecosystem

Elemental Battles is aimed at bringing more developers closer to the EOSIO ecosystem and blockchain technology. After completing the lessons, developers will have adequate knowledge to use Elemental Battles to build their own blockchain DApp (decentralized application) by utilizing the fundamentals of C++ and JavaScript programming languages.

Talking about the blockchain-based tutorial, Serg Metelin, head of developer relations in Block.one, said:

“Elemental Battles is an engaging, relatable and fun way to learn the basics of blockchain. As blockchain is becoming more popular, there is also increased interest from developers to learn how to use the technology. Much of the world’s existing digital infrastructure is based on C++ and JavaScript, and our tutorial is an entry point to blockchain and EOSIO for this community of developers. The objective of Elemental Battles is to enable these individuals to gain knowledge and skill in this area through a user-friendly interface.”

EOSIO was the first project of Block.one, created to enable secure data transfer and high-performance decentralized applications. It is recognized globally as the first performant blockchain for developers and can be used to build public community blockchains, commercially viable blockchains, and blockchain applications. Block.one has allocated $1 billion through its investing arm, dubbed EOS VC, which aims at the future development of the EOSIO ecosystem.

The Elemental Battles learning toolkit is an initiative merely focused on simplifying developer experience through a user-friendly interface.

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