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Breakfast in a straw.

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I’m fighting some kind of virus: mild sore throat slight headache, fatigue. That’s never fun but in this case it’s particularly dismaying: I have to get on a plane* on Sunday night.

Bad timing.

No fever and no super-serious symptoms, so I will not try for an appointment with the physician’s assistant who is my primary care provider. Most likely he would say, “Looks like a virus, so stay home and drink a lot of liquids” – advice I can give myself for free.

My usual m.o. is to feed a cold, starve a fever – and drown a sore throat. Thus I’ve been pouring in all the tea and water I can stand without developing water intoxication.

My appetite, usually spot-on-and-then-some, has dwindled. It’s not as though I can’t afford to miss a meal, but rather that if I don’t eat something I feel light-headed. Besides, my other theory is that you have to feed the machine if you want to fight off/recover from an illness.

Hence: smoothies. For the past few days I’ve been hitting the blender hard: frozen raspberries (grown in our yard), a banana, some homemade yogurt, a raw egg and a scoop of ground flaxseed (paid for with Amazon gift cards I earned from the Swagbucks rewards program).

Today, though, I took it to a new level.   


Oatmeal. I added oatmeal. Not the raw grain, but about a half-cup of the cooked stuff. I’d been mumbling about wishing the smoothie packed even more of a nutritional punch than it already did, and DF suggested dumping in some leftover rice. Maybe it would end up tasting like rice pudding, he suggested.

Unsure that it would blend** properly, I opted to cook a batch of oatmeal and set it out to cool in Seward’s Icebox. Then I added it to the other ingredients and the result was very nice indeed.


A guilt-free breakfast


You could almost taste the oatmeal, but not quite. No lumps, no stickiness. The smoothie had what I needed (protein, fruit, grain and fiber) plus a delightfully cool temperature that soothed my throat as it went down. Sweetness, too – and who couldn’t use more of that?

In the future I will likely add more oatmeal to each batch. If you’re a smoothie fan I suggest that you do, too. Oats are good for us and the ChooseMyPlate.gov program (the artist formerly known as the Food Pyramid) recommends that women my age have at least five ounces of grains per day.

I could be disingenuous and say that these smoothies are strictly for health. Closer to the truth: It’s like having a guilt-free milkshake. In this case, a milkshake full of breakfast goodness.

Readers: Do you ever put grains in your smoothies? If so, what kinds?

*I’ll be in Phoenix through March 21. The first few days will be devoted to getting Abby to and from her cataract surgery and the follow-up exam. Other than that, I’m open to scheduling a reader meet-up in her area of town. Anyone who’s interested can e-mail me at SurvivingAndThriving (at) live (dot) com to let me know which day(s) would work best.

**Upon reflection, I may be wrong. Maybe this is my chance to invent Healthy Raspberry Rice Pudding.


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