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Dragonoptions Review

Ever since 2009, when Dragonoptions was established the popularity of this broker among traders from countries from virtually all 4 corners of the globe started to increase. The management of the company is overseen from Cyprus and the UK. Dragonoptions is a partner of the company ‘SpotOptions’, which provides a convenient platform for the broker to work with. Dragonoptions is characterized by its flexible navigation layout, helping to improve the underlying assets to both novices and professionals-experts. Every day, more than two thousand customers use the services of this company. They appreciate the more than comfortable trading provided by the professionalism of the staff and their wide variety of tools, such as the live schedule and economic calendar. It is also worth mentioning that the analyses and forecasts are from the leading experts employed by the company. Due to its popularity and success Dragonopions has received several awards in the field of binary options trading which are never given out lightly.

Why Trade at Dragonoptions

Dragonoptions favorably differs from other brokers by their huge amount of assets. There are units that are popular among experienced traders, as well as less well-known assets for some specialized people. Trades include about a hundred share types, a few dozen currency pairs, a dozen or so commodities and about fifty indices. Overall, something of a staggering lot. Customers can choose from such shares as Nissan Motors, British American Tobacco, Amazon, McDonalds, Apple, Louis Vuitton, Coca cola, Disney, Ebay, Fiat, Reuters UK, France Telecom, Las Vegas Sands, Microsoft, Tesco, Nike, Rolls Royce, S.Bank India, Google, Toyota, Unilever and many others. If you prefer to trade in currency pairs, the list of them is equally as long. Here is but a small selection: EUR/CHF, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, USD/EGP, USD/SGD.
In addition to standard commodities such as precious metals, Dragonoptions offers coffee, sugar, corn, wheat and crude oil. Among the number of indices is the inclusion of BOMBAY SE, DOW, DUBAI, HANG SENG, KL FUTURE, MSM 30, NIKKEI 225, SSE180 and TADWUL.

Dragonoptions Potential Returns

Dragonoptions customers have the profound joy of working with an impressive list of transactions types, as well as with a number of tools that help significantly improve the profitability of deals, as well as in some cases, reducing the level of risk. One Touch is an excellent example of a type of transaction that is often demanded by traders. Through it, it is possible to make a profit early as when the price, at least once, touches the level indicated by the broker before the expiry of the transaction which can be both a time and risk saver due to the potential for future fluctuations before the actual expiry time. The constructor from Dragonoptions allows the user to choose the ratio of return and risk, as well as the time of expiry for the option. The Roll-over feature allows you to move the expiration time to a later date which is worth doing if the trader is assured of correct future predictions. For each transaction, these features are only available once, and not later than 15 minutes prior to the expiration. Double Up allows you to double the investment for a particular contract, whereby another transaction will be opened at the current rate, not at a price that was shown as current when buying the first contract.
Overall, transactions on Dragonoptions can bring a return to customers around 70-86% of the investment, without taking into account the type of contracts like One Touch, the profitability of which can reach 600%. Refunds, in the case of a failed transaction, are approximately 10% of the investment. This is not the most generous offer on the market, but it is not a stingy offer either since they are not obligated to return any lost funds.

Trading Platforms and Features

Dragonoptions offers its customers an interesting bonus program with potentially risk-free dealings. You get a certain number of such trades linked to certain deposit amounts. If you enter into a transaction which is unprofitable, the broker will return you the amount of the lost investment. To minimize the number of such unprofitable trades, pay attention to the very useful tools in the arsenal of Dragonoptions such as: live schedule asset with functions for technical analysis and the economic calendar with news and signals for trading. All this will be available to you as one of the company’s customers for free. FYI many brokers provide the same set of instruments at high deposit amounts, usually in the region of $500 or more.
Another good feature of Dragonoptions is the excellent system for training traders. It is based on the free webinars that take place almost every day. We participated in a few of them and concluded that they are very useful, not only for beginners, but even for professionals who will be able to glean out some additional market information on the latest trends and other useful tidbits. In addition to webinars, there are free books, videos, and descriptions of trading strategies and systems. You can subscribe to the more interesting articles about trading and the stock market for easier access.

Banking Options

To withdraw any money earned, or the remnants of your deposit, you can use your credit card, bank account or e-wallet. If you use the standard automated money withdrawal system, there is a rule according to which you can withdraw your money only to the same purse/card/account from which you deposited your initial money. For example, if you used money that has been lying around in your Skrill account for a long period, the profits must go to the same Skrill account. However, if you earned decent sum, and would like to send the funds to your bank account, discuss it with an employee from customer service, they usually help with such requests. Withdrawals are carried out properly and in accordance with regulations. The most common period for processing is 3 days. Sometimes there are delays if, for example, the time of transfer falls on a holiday or weekend. But sometimes you get your money faster.

Bonuses and New Customer Promotions

Many traders have different approaches to working with binary options meaning that Dragonoptions practicing gradation by types of trading accounts to divide part time traders with dedicated people. Usually such a separation of customers implies a difference in the amount of investment. The determining factor is the amount available on the trader’s account. A higher account status gives the customer significant advantages, which are expressed in: more operational withdrawal means, the quality of training and analytical materials and certainly in more generous bonuses. However even the most basic account gives the customer the right to receive a bonus for the first deposit. Currently the most luxurious offer goes to VIP account holders which provide a 130% bonus on the amount of the contribution, which starts at $25,000.


Dragonoptions offers to its traders the opportunity to conduct trade on all major financial markets with quotes, indices, stocks and commodities. If you speak English, you will not experience any problems working with this platform or encounter any issues when communicating with employees. If you speak another language, check the information on the site as to whether or not you can get professional information translated. From time to time Dragonoptions updates the list of available languages so perhaps your native language will be in there in due time. Keep in mind that you can not work with this platform at all only if you are in the United States or Israel due to trading laws.