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IQ option

IQ option

IQ option Review

The clients of the broker IQ option run on the eponymous platform that has been developed specifically for this company by a team of professional traders, analysts and programmers from the very echelons of trader groups. In just a short space of time IQ option was able to gain popularity among beginners and professional traders who have long been working in the field of trading. Currently, the number of registered users of the company has exceeded the quarter of a million mark and is still growing. The activities of IQ option are regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, under license number 247/14 which essentially means that the company is subject to European laws, and therefore must provide its users with a decent service and protection for their interests and assets.

Why Trade at IQ options

IQ option offers a number of basic services, without which, it is impossible to carry out trades through binary options. But more than that you can also get more advanced services to improve efficiency and increase your initial capital. In order to avoid the loss of real money, for example, every user of the platform can take advantage of the availability of the demo account and spend some time working through their trading strategies to make sure that they are really profitable and efficient. Unlike many other brokers, IQ option provides this capability for free. Another advantage of this platform is an unprecedented low minimum deposit amount of a mere $10. In comparison, some companies expect their potential customers make initial payments of 200 to 500 dollars before they may even access the demo. Therefore, such an approach, as that of IQ option, is incredibly attractive to customers and makes them more than just a favorable choice.

Potential Returns

Profits, for customers using the IQ option platform, made from investments range on average ranges from 55 to 92%. This is something of a double edges sword when it comes to returns with the low end being quite low and the high end being quite high for binary brokers. The upper end of the scale, being markedly higher allows many people to significantly increase their personal capital within a few months through use of thoughtful strategies and trades. Those who are just beginning to explore this area of activity very much appreciate IQ options for the opportunity to make small investments which start from as little as from $1. Thus, even with minimal deposit replenishment, the user can enter into ten transactions and evaluate their skills and knowledge. Even if the decision of the trader is wrong, they do not loose all their money. After all, this broker provides a money back guarantee covering up to 30-45% which makes trading conditions extremely favorable.

Trading Platforms and Features

IQ option offers over 100 assets to work with. They include Forex, currency pairs, indices, commodities and stocks. The dozen of currency pairs include EUR/USD, AUD/CAD, GPB/USD, USD/CHF and even a few others. Tens of shares are owned by a number of world famous companies such as Apple, Google, Barclays, Daimler, etc. Among the indices you can choose from are the CAC 40, Dow Jones, FTSE 100, NASDAQ100, DAX, S&P 500. Commodities are represented by the most popular precious metals, which are silver and gold. To work with these assets, you can select one of the accounts that are offered by the broker. For many new traders this will be the regular account which may be opened with a deposit of just $10 and for the more experienced top end traders they offer a VIP account which may be opened with an initial payment of one thousand dollars. The last one gives you the right to a personal service and training and also has increased interest and a rapid withdrawal system. The professional team of managers and analysts who work for the company are available for advice and information five days a week and provide a service to all traders, regardless of their account types, with financial advisories, information about trading signals and the latest news.

Banking Options

When it comes to deposits and replenishing funding there are a multitude of options available such as using credit and debit cards. IQ option also provides financial operations through a very wide range of electronic purses including the very popular Skrill, Webmoney and even some which are less world-famous and more confined to specific countries. In some countries, customers can take advantage of available money even through their mobile phone accounts to make transfers to their trade account at IQ option. However the best feature which makes IQ option unique is the fact that you can use these systems to withdraw money. Pay attention to the number of requirements that the company has for their withdrawal procedure. You will need to make certain a number of transactions before you can withdraw your earnings which does limit things somewhat for weekend traders and those who are not serious about trading professionally.

Bonuses and New Customer Promotions

IQ option does have quite an interesting bonus system which allows customers to make the most optimal choice. For example, if you only want to make a limited number of transactions in order to understand how you fit this platform, you can refill your account with the minimum deposit amount and start trading directly. However, should you choose this method your initial bonus will be zero. Only a sum of $100 will bring you an extra $20 bonus. It is not by chance that it is the most popular choice among traders. To get a 40% bonus, your account must be credited for $250. A sum of $5,000 will bring you a 100% bonus, which gives you a total of $10,000 to trade against.


Another way to interact with the platform in a more advantageous way is to participate in tournaments on turbo-options. They are held weekly and they are available to all clients who would like to try their luck and win the grand prize. The duration of this tournament is quite small, being only 30 minutes. It was purposely designed this way so that anyone and everyone may participate, even those on very busy schedules. The result in which the winner is determined is the balance of the player at the time of the tournament’s completion. Prizes are awarded to the winners, which varies depending on the competition, in the form of cash relative to the prize purse.