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Optionrally ReviewOptionrally is a competent broker that offers an ideal trading platform for traders. The word “rally”, which is contained in the company’s name, emphasizes the speed of transactions, the clarity of action and the “steel-like” reliability of the broker.
The home headquarters of Optionrally is located in Cyprus. However, the company also has a number of main offices in Sweden and Switzerland, plus some branches worldwide.

Optionrally is very popular among traders around the world for its honesty, transparency, and excellent service. This broker is regulated by the Cyprus Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission and follows the strict rules and standards implied with that association. Furthermore it has an impeccable reputation as a reliable customer-oriented broker.

Why Trade at Optionrally

Free trading signals, educational video tutorials, strategies, webinars and morning video market surveys are but a short list of the services that the broker offers to its customers. And this is enough to make anyone pay very close attention to the company.

In addition, if, after getting education a trader for some reasons changed his mind about trading, they can still get their money back. This is ideal for beginners who have an opportunity to learn how to make money, instead of simply losing their initial deposit in a few days, trading on the platform of more indifferent company. Optionrally also provides a bonus that you will not need to work out.

It can be said that the main purpose of Optionrally’s employees is to serve the needs of clients internationally and in their own language, as well as to help them to become more confident traders, regardless of their original level of preparation.

Potential Returns

The Optionrally platform offers relatively high yield percentages for advantageous bargains and compensation in the amount of 10-15% for unprofitable trades. More accurate data on potential returns depend on the investment options. For example, the classic options using above / below with a wide selection of expiration from 10 to 90 minutes, has a rate of return to 89%.

Long-term options, by which you can place your bet up to the end of the year, bring up to 81% from all sums assigned to the option. You also get the pleasure of feeling like a real investor, as if you were really the holder of shares for your chosen assets.

Using short-term options with an expiration of 120, 60 or even 30 seconds, can net you a profit of up to 88%. The minimum rate for short-term options is set at $12. A one touch option can give you 500% of the profit. Of course, this investment carries a high risk of incorrect prediction, but a rather generous payout in return.
If you have any questions, please contact your personal account manager, who is always ready to help and give you a good advice.

Trading Platforms and Features

The downside of the platform is considered to be the high threshold fee to gain access to a demo account. You need to add $1,000 to your account. Only then can you begin testing the platform without using real money. It is noteworthy that the demo account is a new service from Optionrally. Almost until mid-2014 the company had no demo at all.

The Platform ‘Optionrally’ is available to clients through seven languages. The impressive and most useful feature of the broker is the presence of its own channel on which they broadcast daily fresh financial morning news. This service is available to all customers.

Another distinctive feature of this binary options broker can be called the education school. It gives access to all types of learning materials, including individual training. Interesting webinars, which reveal important themes for successful trading, such as the commissioning of binary options, fundamental analysis, financial instruments, trading psychology, graphical technical analysis or ‘candlesticks’, computer analysis and technical indicators, live trading or the secrets of success and more.

Banking Options

Transferring money to an account on Optionrally is very easy and simple. After opening an account, you put money into it by either wire transfer or credit card payments. The minimum initial and re-deposit is $200 or its equivalent in the currency you have in your account. You can choose the currency of the deposit and the currency of the account on the platform.

Withdrawals are not difficult to do and above all they are safe. To do this, you need to make a withdrawal request and select your preferred method. Optionrally only allows you to withdraw $100 or more. It is noteworthy that the broker does not charge any commission when entering or when funds are withdrawn. But it should be borne in mind that the systems you use may charge a small percentage.

Bonuses and New Customer Promotions

Optionrally provides its clients with bonuses for the first replenishment of the deposit in the amount of 30% of the initial investment. In fact, this figure is not the highest, but in addition the broker allows new customers to commit the first three transactions without risk. That is, if your first three transactions will be unprofitable, you will not lose anything, but should there be a positive outcome from these transactions, you will make and retain the profit. Not many brokers offer such support, which is very important especially for beginners.


Optionrally has managed to build a solid customer base since its inception. This broker allows traders to get a good return on their investments by trading different assets, to obtain a simple and intuitive interface and excellent customer service. In addition, the company was the first to develop a mobile platform for its users. Nowadays, it is compatible with virtually any mobile device, such as Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android.