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Celebrating Children with the ROFX Education Program

Everybody agrees that children, being the future pillars of our nation, need proper education and guidance in their formative years to tap on their full potential in life. However, the sad part of the story is that a majority of the children, from around the world, don’t even get the food, clothing, and shelter that make up the most basic necessities of life. This can affect both their physical and mental growth, which, undoubtedly, sets a bleak future for the world at large.

And while many governmental and non-governmental organizations are focused towards the development of underprivileged children, very few are effectively dedicated to the cause.

The good news is that the ROFX Edu Program, running under the auspices of the ROFX Company since 2009, has made a lot of children realize their dream of proper education and nutrition, with a significant part being from developing nations. According to the professionals of the ROFX Edu Campaign, educating our children is the most critical investment that can be made in our endeavors to build a great future. With ROFX education programs reaching out to children in classrooms as well as homes, the organization ensures that nobody is left behind.

Of course, enthusiasm must come from both teachers or parents and children. Learning is not a one-sided process and ROFX knows that. If a child is interested in learning, but the teacher lacks the know-how of effective teaching practices — or the teacher is highly enthusiastic but the child doesn’t show any interest — then learning and development cannot prosper. Hence, merely bringing a child to school doesn’t work. Professionals from ROFX provide superior training to teachers so that they can spark interest in the kids to learn.

Apart from teachers, ROFX Edu Program is also dedicated to providing parental coaching that plant the seeds of learning in their kids. This is extremely helpful for kids in the initial transitional phase as it helps boost their self-confidence and motivates them to learn more.

Physical and mental development are directly dependent upon each other; proper nutrition and good health mean a child can put more focus, energy, and dedication towards learning. Despite this, very few education programs realize the importance of good nutrition — but the ROFX Edu Program is one of the few education programs which focus on this.

Another factor which, decidedly, makes the ROFX Edu Program second to none is the organization’s drive to ensure children never stop learning — even during the most difficult of times. For example, kids who fall ill and have to be absent for an extended period of time are provided with short duration lessons at home until the kids can return to school.

The ROFX Edu Program clearly goes out of the way to help children achieve their dreams and secure a good future for themselves. In fact, by incorporating parents and teachers as well in their education program, they ensure that everything is covered to provide quality education and good nutrition to the neediest children.

Photo Credit: danxoneil

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