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Complete Guide To Your HDB Key Collection Date

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The most exciting day in your HDB journey has finally arrived! Getting keys to your HDB BTO is a momentous milestone in your adulting journey. As you countdown to that fateful day with bated breath, there will be a hundred and one things going through your mind – What documents do I have to bring? What should I expect? How do I perform the door opening ceremony? loyal forex knew exactly how you feel because he too waited almost 4.5 years before he finally collected his keys on 28 Jan 2019. As such, he shall share the HDB key collection process in this blog article and pen a “Complete Guide To Your HDB Key Collection Date”.  In this review, he will also give some handy tips so that you can be the most prepared you can be, especially after waiting for so long for your dream house!

Things To Do Before Your HDB Appointment Date

A) Check Your HDB Appointment Date Online

To check your HDB key collection date, simply make use of HDB e-Services under its My HDBPage. Go to My Flat > Application Status > New Flat > Reg.No.


Diagram 1: You will be able to see the various details of your New Flat under Ref/Reg No

Once you have clicked Ref/ Reg. No, you can view the various important HDB documents

  • Agreement for lease (to check your loan eligibility)
  • Appointment letter- Remember to print and sign
  • Details of payment for flat purchase

As part of HDB e-Services, you can also opt to delay or defer your key collection date if the initial appointment date is not suitable for either of you. It is also via this communication channel that loyal forex wrote in to request HDB to expedite the handover of keys. That is because his existing in-law’s place is getting a little too cozy after the addition of Olympia. HDB kindly acceded to his request and he was one of the first few within his block to secure an appointment!


Big congrats to all couples on reaching this milestone!

B. Apply For HDB Fire Insurance By eTiQa

Go to eTiQa’s website to sign up for your HDB Fire Insurance. HDB will want to see your Certificate of HDB Fire Insurance before issuing you the keys. loyal forex is paying $4.50 for a 5-year premium. The reason why this is so affordable is because it is (1) compulsory for those taking up HDB Loan and (2) does not provide coverage for home contents such as furniture, renovations and personal belongings. Homeowners will have to apply for additional home insurance to get these covered. This is highly advisable especially if you intend to spend a fortune to doll up your love nest.

C. Sign Up For Your SP Service Account

Log on to SP Utilities Portal and apply for a utilities account (New Account Sign Up > Individual). If you are a busy working adult who has limited annual leave, it will be a good idea to complete your apartment defects check on the same day that you collect your keys. For this to happen, it will be advisable to ensure your SP Services Account is activated 1 day before your HDB key collection date. With running electricity and water, you will be able to complete the following checks:

  • Flush to ensure that your toilet bowl is functional
  • Store a pail of water and splash it on your toilet and service yard. This is to check the direction of the water flow.
  • Plug in your handphone charger to ensure that that the electrical point is functional

Of course, B & C are activities that can be done within HDB Hub but doing them online means you beat the queue and get to reach your flat faster!

D. Discuss Your HDB Financing Strategy

The good news is that HDB will no longer wipe out your CPF Ordinary Account if you decide to opt for a HDB Loan, so that is one less problem to worry about. Therefore, the first factor to discuss with your partner now is whether both of you intend to leave any emergency cash in your respective CPF OA.

For those taking a HDB Loan, you need to discuss with your partner on how you intend to service the mortgage of your HDB BTO flat. You can discuss on (i) the quantum to borrow, (ii) the length of your HDB Loan and (iii) the allocation of CPF deductions. For those who intend to use cash to make monthly payments, please get ready your bank details to arrange for GIRO facility.

Things To Do On Key Collection Date

E. Document Checklist For Appointment With HDB

Here is a list of documents to bring:

  • A working Singpass with 2FA (either your mobile phone or OneKey token)
  • Copy of your Certificate of HDB Fire Insurance (Refer to B)
  • Original Marriage Certificate if you have applied under the Fiancé/Fiancée Scheme
  • Original NRIC
  • Completed HDB Appointment Letter
  • Arrangement for Power of Attorney (if either flat applicant will be absent)
F. Items For Defects Rectification Check

You will need several equipment to complete your defects check before you call on the Building Service Centre. Here is the checklist of the handy tools:

  • Masking tape or coloured post-it flags
  • Markers and pens
  • Measuring tape – Especially important if you would like to do some preliminary measurements
  • Torchlight- Remember that there is no light in your BTO flat yet!
  • Your apartment floor plan
  • Door stopper- Leave this in the house so that your contractor will be gentle with your door when working
  • A bicycle lock– You can simply inform your interior designer or contractor the code to the lock. Never leave your complete set of keys with strangers!
  • Handphone charger- To test for electricity as well as provide juice for your handphone
  • A pail – To store water and splash it on your toilet and service yard
  • A stool or a ladder to reach for taller places
  • Wet wipes, tissue, disposable gloves, towel, water – for basic hygiene and to keep yourself hydrated
G) Items For Door Opening Ceremony & Ritual

Save some money if you DIY the door-opening-ceremony!

If you believe in fengshui, you may like to conduct a new house door opening ceremony. For this traditional Chinese ritual, you will need the following items to complete the entire procedure:

  • 1X Pineapple
  • Various fruits (In odd numbers)
  • 1X Chinese Prosperity Cake
  • Salt
  • Rice
  • Green Beans
  • 1 X Red Plate

If you intend to DIY the new house door opening ceremony like loyal forex, here are 8 helpful Chinese Greetings for you as you move around the house:









There it is, loyal forex’s complete guide to your HDB key collection date process. Hope you have as much fun inspecting your new house as loyal forex did. He did all this in super quick time so that his interior designer can commence renovation works as soon as Chinese New Year celebration is over.


We wore sports attire to beat the heat!

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