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Distributed Meets Growing Demands Through $1.9M Seed Funding from Fuel Ventures

Distributed, the AI-powered tech talent-resourcing platform, raised $1.9 million in a seed-funding round from Fuel Ventures, bringing its total initial funding up to $2.1 million.

With the growing demand for Distributed’s Elastic Team platform, the new capital will be used to further improve its technology and expand its UK workforce.

Founded only two years ago, Distributed has already established itself as an innovator, changing the way businesses work. With its Elastic Team platform, customers only have to briefly describe the technical outcome that they are looking for. Then, with its rich data sets, combined with a global network of specialists, Distributed will deliver the best outcomes possible through its machine-learning technology. It requires no talent management from the customer and provides a dedicated project manager who will ensure that the customer and their team has everything they need.

In its freshman year, the company has already been able to acquire 50 industry leaders as customers. Mastercard, Sytner Group, Heron AI, REISS, and RBS are just some of the customers in Distributed’s ever-growing portfolio. And with its first-year revenues of over $1.3 million, it continues to make a mark in the business world as a proponent of change, shifting the way businesses in the UK are delivering work in the digital age. Now, with the seed funding it has received, Distributed will only keep growing. In fact, its UK team is expected to grow by 600% by the end of 2019, which coincides with the public availability of its platform via distributed.cx/, allowing it to accommodate increasing demands.

“In a world where tech talent is in increasingly short supply, it’s clear that maintaining the pace of delivery required by modern businesses, via hiring direct or outsourcing, is no longer working. We created Distributed to answer this problem,” said Callum Adamson, CEO of Distributed. “Using our AI-powered global workforce, the best talent is deployed into work that is meaningful to them as individuals, and organizations achieve both their business goals and a better return on their spend.”

Mark Pearson, Founder of Fuel Ventures, adds, “The need for software development is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, which we expect to exceed trillions of spend over the coming decade, and Distributed will be positioned front and center of this growth. We believe the majority of businesses should focus on their own core competencies and use the Distributed platform to create better digital products for their customers.”

“This next evolution of Distributed will allow us to grow our team, our network of partners and speed the innovation of our platform,” continues Adamson. “We’re aiming to raise the benchmark on the delivery of digital work, and we’re executing against a tremendous opportunity here in the UK. Our ultimate goal is to make great work available to millions of digital specialists worldwide, while simultaneously removing resourcing, HR and talent headaches for businesses large and small.”

With its innovative technology, Distributed aims to enable a market shift from asset-focused organizations to outcome-focused organizations, connecting complex supply with complex demand through the understanding of rich data. This allows businesses to overcome the global talent shortage and to continue their growth and innovations despite the increasing cost and scarcity of specialist digital talent.

Photo Credit: Distributed

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