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Early Retirement Blogs for Everyone

Early Retirement Blogs for Everyone

Hey Everyone, I’m a bit overwhelmed this week and have to resort to reposting this list of Early Retirement Blogs for Everyone. My normally serene routine has been disrupted by quite a few things. Here is my weekday routine for reference.

SAHD weekday schedule

Now, let cram a few more things in.

  • I had a dentist appointment.
  • My mom had a fainting spell, a delirium episode, and 2 dentist appointments. You can read more about our latest adversity in early retirement
  • This week RB40Jr had 2 basketball practices, a soccer practice, and a soccer game. The soccer season will be over in two weeks, so we’ll get some relief soon. We usually just do one activity at a time.

Also, I’ve been having problem sleeping through the night and I’m tired all the time. It’s been a tough week. Hopefully, we’ll get back to normal soon.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to update my Early Retirement Blogs list for a while. This space has exploded in the last few years and there are so many blogs now. This is just the list of my favorite blogs. I’ll add a link at the end of the post where you can find even more FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) blogs.

Early Retirement Blogs for Everyone

If you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough of early retirement blogs. I used to be addicted to personal finance blogs when I was working full time because I was stuck in front of the computer all day. It was easy to take short breaks here and there to catch up on the blogs.

Now that I’m a stay at home dad/blogger, I can’t keep up with all the blogs anymore. I still spend a few hours a day on the computer, but I’m working on Retire by 40 and don’t have a chance to browse around that much. Anyway, I thought I’d compile a list of early retirement blogs so you can read your fill while you’re stuck in a cubicle. There are a lot more early retirement blogs than when I started in 2010 so I’m sure you will find a few that speak to you. Enjoy!

*My guide on How to Start a Blog and Why You Should. Everyone should have a blog. It’s a great way to build your brand and improve your writing. You can even make some extra income if you’re lucky. You won’t know unless you try it.

  • Retire by 40! – It’s taken a while for me to learn the art of shameless self-promotion, but I can do it with a straight face now. Joe retired from his engineering career at 38 to become a stay at home dad/blogger. See why and how he did it at the About page. I’ve been blogging since 2010.
  • Financial Samurai – One of the best personal finance blogs out there. I learn something new from Sam every week.
  • Mr. Free at 33 – Jason Fieber (formerly Dividend Mantra) is back! He moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand to enjoy a great lifestyle on the cheap.
  • Route to Retire – Jim moved up his timeline drastically and plans to retire by the end of 2018! They’ll move to Panama and try to make it work there. I’m really looking forward to it.
  • Tawcan – Tawcan is on a quest for joyful life & financial independence. He is also in the high-tech field. He’s taking his time with his early retirement journey.
  • The Retirement Manifesto – Fitz retired in 2018 and he’s having a great time. He’s a bit older and had a successful career so his advice is very valuable. I’m a big fan.
  • Think Save Retire – Steve started his FI journey a little later in life at 34. He achieved his goal and retired from his IT career a couple of years ago. He is still very busy with other projects, though.
  • Mr. Tako Escapes – Mr. Tako and his wife saved over 50% of their salary for years and reached financial independence at 38. He left the rat race in 2015 and he is enjoying more time with his sons.
  • Accidental FIRE – Dave is just a guy in his mid 40’s who woke up one day and realized he’s financially independent. See how he got there.
  • Millennial Revolution – FIRECracker & Wanderer retired at 31 to travel the world! Now I feel old…
  • Abandoned Cubicle – Qbert has less than a year to go before he can leave the cubicle life behind. It’s getting close!
  • Half Life Theory – TJ is a young and driven guy with some awesome stories. He has been through a lot. FIRE isn’t easy for everyone.
  • Waffles On Wednesday – Why wait until the weekend to have waffles?
  • Retire Early Helen – Helen’s blog is very low key. She doesn’t even have social media accounts! Helen retired at 49 from her engineering career and worked at a bank for a few years. Now, she’s sharing her life experience on her blog.
  • Early Retirement Now – You can’t afford not to retire early! Big Ern retired in 2018! He has a great series on Safe Withdrawal Rates. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.
  • Young FIRE Knight – A regular guy in his 20s who is sharing his journey to FIRE.
  • DiverseFI – Doc G discovered the FI community, but still struggle with RE. Can he ever retire?
  • Countdown to Tranquility – BusyMom works in the hitech field and plans to retire by 2023. She is tired of being busy all the time.
  • I Retired Young – David and Sally recently retired early. They are traveling the world this year and will settle down in France next year.
  • Tread Lightly Retire Early – A Pacific Northwest native who blends sustainability with financial independence.
  • Birds of a FIRE – Olivia discovered the FIRE community in 2017 and realized she could retire at 30 if she worked hard. See if she can do it.
  • 1500 Days to Freedom – Carl’s goal is to build a portfolio of $1.2 million by February, 2017. That’s 1500 days from when he started blogging. He left work last year and he is enjoying his early retirement immensely.
  • Go Curry Cracker – Jeremy and Winnie left their high tech jobs to travel the world in their early 30’s. The GCC blog is a great resource for minimizing taxes and traveling.
  • Root of Good – Justin retired at 33 from his civil engineering career. His wife followed a few years later and they are living the good life at a very low cost in North Carolina.
  • Physician on FIRE – A great FIRE blog for physicians and non-physicians alike.
  • FI Ideas – Susan quit her job in 2010 when she was 51 and never looked back.
  • ESI Money – ESI is a 50-something retiree. Earning, Saving, and Investing are the three steps to financial independence.
  • Freedom is Groovy – Mr. & Mrs. Groovy retired in October 2016 and teamed up to write a great blog. Check them out!
  • Mr. Crazy Kicks – Mr. Crazy Kicks was another hi-tech worker who retired early in 2016. He hopes to inspire more people to join him in FI by blogging about traveling, building cool things, and enjoying life to the fullest.
  • JLCollinsnh – Jim Collin’s financial independence blog.
  • Montana Money Adventure – Ms. Montana and her 5 kids live a very interesting unconventional life and she is a great writer.
  • Done by Forty – Mr. Done By Forty is working to achieve financial independence by 2020. Time flies and 2020 is coming up very soon. Can they do it?
  • Retire Before Dad – RBD is trying to retire before his dad did (at 55.) That’s a great goal considering he was broke with no job at 27. Check out his story.
  • Frugal Woods – Who doesn’t dream of calling it quits and heading off to homestead in the woods? See how the Frugal Woods family is doing in the wilderness of Vermont.
  • Mad FIentist – Brandon left his hi-tech job to live in Scotland with his wife. They are traveling the world and living it up. Check out their great podcast interviews with many FIRE personalities.
  • Our Next Life – Mr. and Mrs. ONL retired in 2017. See how they’re handling early retirement.
  • Sydney Lagier – Sydney retired in 2008 when she was 44 years old and she has been blogging ever since. It’s great to read about early retirement from a woman’s point of view.
  • Early Retirement Extreme – ERE was one of the first early retirement blogs around and it was the blog that made me seriously consider early retirement. I’m not sure, but I think the articles are mostly reposts now.
  • The Military Guide – Doug Nordman retired from the Navy and he has been providing great resources for military personals for many years.
  • Mr Money Mustache – MMM is probably the most popular early retirement blog on the internet. They have a very active forum, too.
  • Can I Retire Yet? – Darrow Kirkpatrick is a little older than other bloggers. He saved, invested, retired at 50.
  • FI Fighter – Jay left from his six figure high-tech career in 2016. I think he currently lives in Philippine and travels a lot.
  • The Escape Artist – The Escape Artist left his corporate job in 2014 when he was 43. See how he can help you escape from the corporate prison camp.
  • Financially Alert – Michael sold his business and “retired early” in 2012 when he was 36. His larger FI goal is to reach $10 million in net worth.
  • FIRE Station – They reached FI a few years ago, but just retired in 2016. Congratulations!
  • Retirement In Progress – Mr. RIP is an Italian software engineer living in Switzerland since 2012. He writes about his journey to FIRE.

Not quite a blog, but great early retirement resources. 

  • Ernie J. Zelinski is an international best-selling author, innovator, professional speaker, and prosperity life coach who inspires adventurous souls to live prosperous and free. I love Ernie’s books.
  • Camp FIRE finance – The most recent personal finance FIRE articles, blog posts, podcasts, and other content available on the web.

Enjoy your journey!

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