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Earn Even More Cashback Offline With ShopBack GO

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earn-even-more-cashback-offline-with-shopback-goWhat is ShopBack GO?

Christmas definitely came early in 2018 because ShopBack has added the awesome ShopBack GO to its suite of products not too long ago. ShopBack GO is a brick-and-mortar (offline) cashback feature which makes it fundamentally different from ShopBack’s usual mode of allowing users to earn Cashback online. Specifically, it gives users in-store Cashback for dining in at restaurants that are participating merchants. In this review of ShopBack GO, loyal forex shall blog about how to enjoy and optimise the in-store Cashback on offer and how your dining experience is never going to be the same after this!

How To Earn Cashback On ShopBack GO?

To earn offline Cashback on ShopBack GO, follow these simple steps and you are all set!

1. Download the ShopBack App

Although ShopBack GO is a brand-new product from ShopBack, there is no need to download a separate mobile app. ShopBack GO is built within the same app, so existing users will be extremely comfortable and familiar with the user experience. Users who are new to ShopBack can download the ShopBack Cashback Mobile App on Google Play or App Store. Once it has been downloaded, head over to the Categories section and look out for the fork and spoon emoticon labelled “Eat Out” within the ShopBack mobile app.

In-Store Shopback GO Mobile App

Diagram 1: To go to ShopBack GO, click on the ShopBack GO banner or go to “Eat Out” under Categories in the mobile app

2. Link Your Credit/Debit Card(s)

After browsing the short tutorial within the mobile app, you will be prompted to securely link your Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card to your ShopBack Account. It is possible to link as many cards as you like. For loyal forex’s case, he linked a total of 4 credit cards. To earn Cashback in-store subsequently, you need to pay with any of the cards linked in Step 2. Note that only Singapore-issued cards will be applicable.

3. Activate Cashback On Participating Merchant

Browse through the list of over 400 merchants on ShopBack GO. Once you have decided to visit a particular merchant on the app for your next meal, remember to click “Activate”.


Diagram 2: Click Activate Before Paying In-Store

Note that activation only lasts for 30 days. This should not be a concern as it is possible to reactivate an offer once it expires. A useful tip would be to allow for location services on your device. In this way, you will be shown a list of dining merchants nearby where you can earn Cashback.

4. Pay With Any Of The Linked Cards

Once you have finished your meal at the restaurant, proceed to pay as usual with any of the debit/credit cards that you have linked to your ShopBack account in Step 2. No QR codes or any extra step for payment, just swipe your card, PayWave, or use Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

5. Track Cashback And Withdraw

Cashback earned will be tracked and confirmed in your ShopBack account within 7 days of your transaction. Once your account reaches the minimum balance of $10, you can choose to withdraw the amount into PayPal or a bank account of your choice.

loyal forex’s Experience With ShopBack GO

Truly excited to stretch his dining dollar, loyal forex decided to give ShopBack GO a try within the first few days of its beta launch. Here is what he really likes about ShopBack GO.

A. ShopBack GO can be combined with Entertainer

Convinced by Heartland Girl that Armageddon will be approaching once baby Olympia is out, loyal forex decided that they will head to The Lokal to fulfill her third-trimester cravings for avocado toast. The bonus is that The Lokal is also a participating merchant with Entertainer. This suggests that there is a possibility of a double dip – discount with Entertainer + Cashback from ShopBack GO.

loyal forex has been using Entertainer ever since he received his HSBC Advance Credit Card. He fully utilised the card member privilege of paying only $5 (instead of $145) to get full subscription to this popular lifestyle app. With the Entertainer, the lower-priced main is free! In this case, it was the lamb-baked eggs that had been waived from their dining bill. That was $20 off the sub-total bill.


Diagram 3: Cost of lamb-baked eggs struck out from the computation of the bill

To enjoy the Cashback from ShopBack GO as well, he first searched for café The Lokal under the app. Subsequently, he activated Cashback for The Lokal as per Step 3. After the wait staff had authorised the use of the Entertainer by keying in the merchant code, he proceeded to pay the final bill with one of the credit cards that were already linked to ShopBack GO (Step 2).

After leaving the restaurant, he went home and realised that his visit to The Lokal was captured and the Cashback has been tracked and subsequently confirmed as shown in Diagram 4.

Shopback Cashback Confirmed

Diagram 4: $1.74 worth of Cashback confirmed from ShopBack GO!

B) ShopBack GO Can Be Combined With Eatigo

Eatigo is a free restaurant reservation platform that provides time-based discounts of up to 50% at more than 4,000 venues across the region. loyal forex is an advocate of Eatigo and it has served him well by reducing his dining expenditure dramatically.

The good news is that Eatigo is already a participating merchant on ShopBack. For all attended Eatigo reservations booked through ShopBack, users will enjoy $1.50 worth of Cashback. What is even more amazing is that consumers can now enjoy additional offline Cashback with the introduction of ShopBack GO. Simply add a step of booking the restaurant via Eatigo before heading down for your fabulous meal!

C. Stack Your Cashback With The Best Dining Credit Card

As if the previous combinations have not yielded sufficient savings yet, you can continue to earn Cashback from the bank when you pay with its credit card. That means you get up to 8% Cashback if you pay with either the Citi Cash Back Card or UOB Yolo Card. For loyal forex, he enjoys 6% Cashback from his OCBC 365 Credit Card. He also appreciates the convenience that any credit card linked in Step 2 works. Therefore, there is no need to manually log into the app and change the paying card to be the Primary credit card.

D. Does Not Alter Consumer Behaviour

When compared to Entertainer or Eatigo, loyal forex realised that he has not been asked to change his consumer behaviour dramatically with ShopBack GO. For instance, there is no black-out dates (which applies to Entertainer). Neither is there any restriction on meal timing or number of persons per reservation (which applies to Eatigo). Therefore, all that is required is for the user to log into the mobile app and ensure that the particular restaurant’s Cashback has been activated before making payment!


With ShopBack GO, loyal forex is certain that your wallet will be well taken care of during this joyous season of feasting! All you need to do is to download ShopBack app (here is my referral code) and follow the instructions in this article. Be thoroughly spoiled for choice with over 400 participating outlets to enjoy in-store Cashback!

Disclaimer: Note that this article contains some affiliate links that allow loyal forex to earn a small fee for every successful referral. This article is written in collaboration with ShopBack but the opinions expressed here are entirely his own.

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