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Elastos ELA Is Now Part Of KuCoin’s Potential Currencies

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Elastos ELA has announced its listing and availability at KuCoin blockchain asset exchange market. Traders can now start depositing with trading pairs including ELA/BTC and ELA/ETH.

Buying will commence at 21:30 (UTC+8) and Selling/Withdrawal at 22:00 (UTC+8). Any possible transactions are to be done on KuCoin’s official website, or to their iOS and Android Application.

About Elastos

Elastos is a company which is developing a new kind of internet utilizing the blockchain technology, in which people will certainly own their digital assets and will produce real wealth from these assets. While there are many ebooks, digital games, and such products today, people do not own them. They only the right to use these products.

The significant purpose of Elastos is to build an internet in which the users will not require third-parties anymore to view movies or play games. The company needs to be a decentralized platform for decentralized applications (dapps), which will work on a P2P scheme.

If the internet of now is all about accessing data, Elastos desire to help create an internet which will all regarding P2P exchanges of apps. When a user clicks on a site’s URL, you will get code preferably of data and the code will be operated directly on your computer at home. It will be the foundation of the Elastos Web. Elastos is an open-source project sponsored by powerful companies like TD-SCDMA Industrial Alliance, Foxconn Group and Tsinghua Science Park.

Elastos. source: Steemit

Elastos Function

If we were to explain how Elastos work for people who do not understand its technology very well, we could say that essentially, Elastos is an internet browser which is preparing to use blockchain to generate an alternative web which will function using code instead of data.

While the data will work in a decentralized way, Elastos will utilize its ELA tokens as a cryptocurrency to spend for the services of accessing this files all over the system. Users will be capable of using ELA tokens to pay to access movies and games.

Invest in Elastos ELA

To invest in this company, users will have to purchase its ELA tokens. The token sale or Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has previously begun, and it will last until the end of January. The price of the tokens is much high, though. With 1 BTC, a user will be capable of buying 800 ELA, which makes them pretty expensive. A user will have to spend at least 0.1 BTC to participate in the ICO.

If a user has Bitcoin, it will be eligible for an airdrop. The Elastos have much to acknowledge the Bitcoin community for its help in the past so that it will disseminate ELA tokens on a 1:1 rate for Bitcoin holders.

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