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Ethereum’s Devcon4 Opens for Applications

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Devcon4 has called for applications for participation in this year’s event which will entail more participatory programming. For those who are interested in applying, there are three ways to go about it.

The first way is to give a presentation, which can either be a 5-minute lightning talk or a 20-minute presentation on any desired topic. Another way is to lead a workshop by teaching people to do something over the duration of two hours, such as writing codes or telling stories. The last way is to host a breakout room, where the applicant hosts a live security review or facilitates a conversation, among other choice activities.

Vital Themes for Application Sessions

Whatever application method the intending participants select, it is expected that such persons connect their sessions to any of the following six vital themes: (1) scalability — how Ethereum can be scaled in a decentralized, secure and trustless manner so as to achieve mass adoption; (2) security — how safety of the data and funds of users can be ensured; (3) privacy — how users can be empowered to remain in total control of their personal data; (4) developer experience — how the platform can make developing for Ethereum simple, fun and extensible; (5) UX and design — how a more intuitive, delightful and usable experience can be created for users; and (6) society and systems — why we BUIDL and how this technology will contribute to changing societal systems and the people within the systems.

Competitive Application Process

The team is expecting a very competitive application process this year, considering the expected number of participants (3,000). Those interested in participating are expected to purchase their tickets ahead of time in case their submissions are not accepted, so they don’t miss out on getting a ticket to the event. A refund process is available for those who would buy a ticket and subsequently qualify for the complimentary pass. Ethereum Devcon4 is scheduled to take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from October 30 to November 2, 2018.

For more details on Devcon4 and how to apply, visit the Devcon4 website.

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