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Four Enjoyable Activities for 2019 That Help You Saving Money

The following is a guest post by Alexander from Daytradingz.

How much money do you use to spend on all the things that you like to do when you have some time off? On the average, all households in the United States spend about 4% of their income on entertainment.

In the very first moment, this doesn’t seem to be much at all. But all the same, if you believe it or not, when you reduce the amount of money that you spend for all kinds of activities in your spare time, the long-term effect of this change can make little miracles happen.

For example, you will see this if you may decide to use this money for your retirement fund. Luckily, there will be no reason to worry if you will make this smart move as you won’t have to miss anything and as you can still have a lot of fun when you have some time off.

Go Out to Take Pictures

If you take your camera with you to explore the peaceful scenery in nature or specific parts of a city, you will walk much more slowly. By searching for the right place for the perfect picture, all suddenly you may discover amazing details that you had never noticed before.

This activity requires your creativity while you are taking deep breaths of fresh air. When you use a digital camera, you won’t have to pay anything for your pictures.

Afterward, the final editing of your pictures with the computer may be a perfect task for a rainy weekend. Use your very best pictures for a personal calendar or for a photo-book that may be an extraordinary gift for your loved ones.

Nowadays it is really not necessary to have a highly advanced and expensive camera. Even with an existing smartphone, you may take great and impressing pictures and you will have amazingly much fun with them.

Solve Puzzles

Also puzzles belong to the most popular weekend activities. All the same, if you prefer crossword puzzles, a Sudoku or something completely different – just have fun with your favorite kind of puzzles!

In the internet you will find a giant variety of free offers to use all alone, with your family or with your friends. In addition to all the fun that you will have, you will feel happy and proud when you will have solved the puzzle.

But above all, solving puzzles belongs to the very best and most effective kinds of exercises for your brain.


You have to prepare food anyway, so why not make it a hobby? Gradually you will acquire a repertoire of recipes of favorite dishes, or you might just try something new, preferably of course something tasty, healthy and inexpensive.

As for a dish you know how to prepare really well, you might invite your friends to share it, with a few candles providing a lovely setting for the evening.

The whole affair costs you only a fraction of what a restaurant or pub visit would cost, and you can put on your favorite music as well.

And after eating, you can watch an enjoyable movie or the newest video clips on YouTube together.

Visit Festivals and Markets in the City

Have you ever noticed how many festivals and markets of every different kind they use to organize in the cities, especially in summer?

For most of them you don’t have to pay any entry fee. In any case, these festivals and markets will offer you much more than a simple walk through the city ever will.

Do you like live-music, art, crafts or international food? You will have an amazingly big choice of events to find the ones that will be most attracting for you.


The greatest and most exciting activities for your time off during the weekends don’t have to be expensive at all. The well-known sentence that the best things in life are for free is still and always true.

You only have to face the challenge to find out how to gain the maximum of fun and joy without spending much money at all.

And things will even get better if in the end you will still have a few dollars left to invest them in your future. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect solution?

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