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Free Webinar – How to find growing dividend-paying stocks in 2019

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I am excited to announce I will be conducting my first hosted webinar this Saturday.

I will be sharing how investors can find dividend-paying stocks in Singapore & Hong Kong and my own personal experiences investing in them.

How to find growing dividend-paying stocks in 2019 in Singapore
Saturday, 20 April at 8:30pm


This is the first time I will be hosting a webinar and I am pretty excited. I will be doing a short Q and A session at the end of the webinar so you can ask me any questions you like (investing related of course) and I will do my very best to answer.

If you can drop me an email earlier with the questions, that will be best as I will be able to take a look before the webinar.

I will be covering several topics such as:

1. The financial case for dividend investing and how it can benefit your portfolio

I will run through the academic evidence for dividend investing and the countries that you want to be investing in for maximum tax efficiency for the highest income return.

2. The crucial rules for creating a dividend portfolio that keeps growing every year

I will share with you the traits of companies that you should be looking for to find businesses that are not only able to sustain their dividends, but grow them over time too.

3. How to avoid stocks that are about to cut their dividend resulting in massive losses

I will draw on my own personal experiences and case studies to share with you the red flags and pitfalls that you must watch out for to avoid crippling losses that can cause significant losses to your investment portfolio.

4. Introduction to the best free and paid resources for financial data and their pros and cons

I will share the resources available on the web for retail investors that you can use to find good dividend-paying stocks. More importantly, I will also share the pros and cons of each data source.

This is part of a new series of webinars I am working on in conjunction with the case studies and I hope to cover other topics like market psychology, market history, interesting case studies and more in future webinars.

Do remember to register and I hope to see you this Saturday!

How to find growing dividend-paying stocks in 2019 in Singapore
Saturday, 20 April at 8:30pm

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