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Google Starts Coinbase Advertisements Again, Follows Facebook’s Lead

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HAMBURG, GERMANY - JULY 8, 2018: Company logo at the Hamburg office of GOOGLE as in use since September 1st 2015./ SOurce; shutterstock.com

The crypto markets entered one of the most haunting bear phases in memory when prices plunged by over 50 percent, sending chills down the spines of investors. No “blockchain conferences” or tall claims from crypto bulls could help raise the prices of the coins.

However, a move by Google could unleash the power of the decentralized digital economy. The company recently allowed ads by Coinbase, the largest exchange in the US to run on its platform once again. Google first announced the ban in March.

Following Facebook’s Lead?

Last week, Facebook announced that it had lifted its ban on Coinbase ads. The blanket ban on all crypto services was announced in January this year to prevent misleading and deceptive promotions on its platform. However, the company now confirms that it will allow some preapproved advertisers to float ads related to crypto businesses.

Advertisers will now have to follow an application process that will help them get started on the platform yet again. The advertisers will have to show “licenses they have obtained, whether they are traded on a public stock exchange and other relevant public background on their business” before they could be granted permission to resume ads on the platform. However, the service will be open to a select category of advertisers only. Initial coin offerings and binary options are still prohibited on the platform.

Google’s Ban Lifting Cheers Everyone

Google, the largest search engine in the world, has also resumed advertisements for Coinbase. It is unclear whether ads for other crypto platforms have been resumed or not. Coinbase didn’t reveal the criteria used by Google to resume their advertisement.

However, one thing is clear. The bigger Internet platforms are not averse to established businesses anymore. This could open the gates to crypto investing to millions of people.

Some Reddit users even believe that this could help in triggering another bullish period for the currencies, after a painful 2018. A lot of people claimed that Google doesn’t want to let go of the money it could make in the sector. Some others even launched their own conspiracy theories, suggesting that the previous ban was simply a way to keep prices down.

Whatever the reason is, it is expected that some trusted names in the crypto sector will certainly be benefitted as the ads resume. It will be interesting to see if other platforms follow suit. The platforms that successfully resume their ads will definitely enjoy more user confidence.

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