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Grab & FairPrice Score Singapore – Guide to Cost of Membership, Pros and Cons

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Do you Grab to work and shop at FairPrice and Unity often? Then SCORE may be for you.

SCORE is a subscription programme created in collaboration between Grab and FairPrice. As a paying subscriber, you will gain access to exclusive discounts/rebates and certain privileges.

To be honest, when I first saw the subscription mechanics, I was turned off by the minimum spend and the many caps and redemption limits. It just didn’t feel like it was worth the hassle and the membership cost.

But if you read on, you will see that if you shop at FairPrice or use Grab transport regularly, this subscription can work out well for you.

SCORE benefits

Let’s start with the benefits that you would get by being a SCORE subscriber:

FairPrice SCORE benefits

Grab SCORE benefits

5% rebate* for incremental spends above S$100 in a single receipt at FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, Xtra, Unity, and Warehouse Club.

I.e. You only earn rebate on the amount above S$100. If you spend S$150, you earn rebate on S$50, which gives you S$2.50

Awarded in LinkPoints and capped at the equivalent of S$5 per transaction

20% off 30 rides per month after completing 4 non-discounted rides

Capped at S$4 per ride, discount on base fare only, up to 30 redemptions per month. GrabHitch, The 4 qualifying rides do not include GrabCycle, GrabShuttle, GrabShuttlePlus, GrabCoach rides non-discounted rides

Free FairPrice On delivery but limited to one time per customer per month (usual free delivery on orders over S$59) 50% off Grab rides on the 3rd Monday of every calendar month

Capped at S$6 per ride, discount on base fare only, up to 5 redemptions a day from 12pm to 1159pm

Complimentary Plus! Membership for new members Access to members-only events
Free 1,000 LinkPoints for new sign up or renewal (150 LinkPoints = $1)
Free access to Warehouse Club

As you can see, the benefits are pretty good BUT there are also a lot of terms & conditions. It may take a while for you to get used to them and find a strategy that can help you maximise the benefits.

SCORE membership costs

1st-year membership: S$29.99

Each subsequent year: S$49.99

Can the benefits for an average person cover the membership cost and more? Let’s see.

Scenario 1: You shop at FairPrice but don’t use Grab



Discount amount

Week 1 shopping $250 First S$100: 0%

Next S$100: 5%

Next S$50: 0%

Week 2 shopping S$150 First S$100: 0%

Next S$50: 5%

Week 3 shopping S$50 0% 0
Week 4 shopping S$200 First S$100: 0%

Next S$100: 5%

Total savings S$12.50

If you shop at FairPrice weekly and would on average spend S$100+ to S$200 per trip, you are looking at getting about S$12.50 worth of savings per month. In a year, that’s S$150 worth of savings. You would easily break even on the membership cost.

But for small spenders or shoppers who, like me, like to make smaller purchases (less than S$100 each time) throughout the week, it would be difficult to make full use of this membership.

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Scenario 2: You use Grab but don’t shop at FairPrice

Say you take Grab to work once every weekday and each ride costs S$15:



Discount amount

Week 1:

Non-discount ride x 4

Discounted ride x 1

S$15 per ride (base fare) 1 x discounted ride: 20% S$3
Week 2:

Discounted ride x 5

20% S$15*0.2*5 = S$15
Week 3:

Discounted Monday ride x 1 (taken between 12 p.m. and 11:59 p.m.)

Discounted ride x 4

Monday ride discounted: 50%

4 x discounted ride x 4: 20%

(S$15*0.5)+(S$15*0.2*4) = S$19.50
Week 4:

Discounted ride x 5

20% S$15*0.2*5 = S$15
Total savings S$52.50

For people who take Grab to work every day, you would have “made back” your membership cost in a month!

Scenario 3: You use both but not heavily

Say you take a Grab ride 5 times a month (assuming each ride costs S$15) and you are also able to consolidate your grocery shopping to twice a month:

Price Discount

Discount amount

Non-discount ride x 4

Discounted ride x 1

S$15 per ride (base fare) 1 x discounted ride: 20% S$3
Groceries 1 S$150 First S$100: 0%

Next S$100: 5%

Groceries 2 S$200 First S$100: 0%

Next S$100: 5%

Total savings S$10.5

You would break even within three months for the first year even if you are a light user.

SCORE Pros and cons



Potential savings far outweigh annual subscription cost, especially for frequent Grab users A programme with many strings attached, which can drive subscribers away
Good FairPrice secondary perks, particularly the 1,000 LinkPoints every subscription year (worth about S$6) Not for small FairPrice spenders (less than S$100 each trip) who also don’t use Grab much
For big FairPrice spenders, it’s a hassle to split purchases into multiple transactions just to beat the cap (e.g. Split S$400 purchase into 2 S$200 transactions to get 2 x $5 rebate. If you don’t split, you only get 1 x S$5 rebate.)
FairPrice’s 5% rebate doesn’t apply for online orders

Simply put, SCORE’s membership cost is easy to justify for Grab loyal users and families who usually shop at FairPrice supermarkets. Whether you will be enjoying huge savings would depend on your usage.

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Use the right credit cards for your Grab rides and FairPrice shopping!

For Grab rides, we’d use:

Standard Chartered credit cards – 15% off, capped at S$30, with a minimum monthly spend of S$900

Citi Cash Back Card – 8%, capped at S$25, with a minimum monthly spend of S$888

DBS Woman’s Card – 4 miles/dollar or 10X rewards on online spends (Grab is considered an online spend)

For FairPrice shopping, we’d use:

OCBC Plus! Card – 7% off at FairPrice stores, with a minimum monthly spend of S$500 outside of FairPrice

BOC Family Card – 5% rebate at supermarkets, capped at S$40, minimum monthly spend of S$700

UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card – 10X UNI$ or 4 miles per dollar on contactless transactions (most, if not all, FairPrice outlets would have this)

Need one of these credit cards? Get them on BankBazaar and you might be eligible for additional sign-up gifts!

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