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Hate Buying Used? Save Hundreds Buying New Items

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Don’t want to buy used items?

I can understand that even if I don’t always agree.

To some people new is the only way to go. There’s no convincing them otherwise.

If you’re one of those people that’s OK. But only if you can afford it.

After all, personal finance is personal.

That said, there are still ways you can save a significant amount of money even if you must buy new.

Buy An Older Generation Of Technology Products

This is a great way to save some money whenever you buy technology. Instead of buying the most current version of a product, opt for one that has recently been replaced by a newer model.

I personally have done this myself many times for many types of products. The most common purchase I make this way is my cell phone.

New versions come out every year, so last year’s model isn’t really that old. It’s still plenty powerful, has a great camera and is hundreds of dollars cheaper.

You can do this with the most popular phones, such as Samsung Galaxy phones or iPhones. This works with cheaper phones such as the Moto G line of phones, too.

You can save even more money by finding the best place to buy phones before you make the purchase. While you’d think everywhere offers the same prices, this isn’t true at all, especially on phones that are a generation or more old.

If you keep the phone a little longer than average and buy an older model, you could easily save thousands of dollars over your lifetime, if not more.

The ability to avoid buying the newest gadgets is a huge financial advantage.

You can do this with all kinds of technology. Laptops, tablets, TVs, video games and appliances all allow you to save this way.

When you are already a generation behind upgrading in the future is still going to be a huge upgrade even if you upgrade to something a generation old.

I almost never buy the newest top of the line technology because it all goes out of date so fast.

There are times where the newest and greatest may be necessary. If that’s the only way you’re justifying spending the extra cash, just make sure it is a necessity, not a want.

Buy Last Season’s Or Last Year’s Product

You can still save money buying last season or last year’s products on purchases other than technology. For example, I never buy clothes at full price and rarely even buy them on sale.

I typically buy clothes when the seasons change and they discount all of the previous season’s clothing to clearance prices. Add in coupons and you could get some clothes virtually for free.

When I had to wear long sleeve dress shirts for work, I often got them for 70% to 80% off just for buying out of season colors. Those shirts stayed in the packaging until the next year when I took them out and added them to my closet.

Another place this works wonders is with motorcycle gear. Every year. manufacturers come out with a new line of helmets, leather jackets, gloves and more that has just a slight tweak from last year’s version.

There are websites that buy all of the distributor’s old gear and sell it at a hefty discount just because it is last year’s product. The product is still new and has never been used.

Even though this gear works just as well as brand new gear in most cases, many people always want the newest product available.

When I had my motorcycle, I saved over $300 on a leather jacket simply by buying last year’s product. It protected me just the same as a current year leather jacket would have.

No one knew if I bought it when it was a current season model or if I bought it the year after. Who buys a new leather motorcycle jacket every year anyway?

Do you always have to have the newest and best there is or do you stay a generation behind and save a ton of money? Which camp do you fall in?

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