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Honeyminer Application Allows Anyone to Start Mining Cryptos During Their Laptop’s Idle Time

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Everyone knows that mining cryptocurrencies can be a profitable venture. However, there is this common belief, especially among nontechies, that crypto mining should probably be done by computer experts or, at least, by those people who know how to assemble their own mining rigs. However, a new app called Honeyminer aims to shatter that myth by enabling just about anyone to start mining right away using their own laptops or PCs.

Honeyminer App Brings Crypto Mining to Everyone

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum were thrust into the limelight last year when the crypto market skyrocketed to unprecedented heights and created newly minted millionaires in the process. By now, everyone knows that these digital coins are actually created in a mysterious process called crypto mining.

Not everyone knows exactly how the mining process actually works. Most people just have a vague idea that it is done via specially assembled computer equipment called mining rigs, which are usually equipped with high-end GPUs to speed up the process. Obviously, not everyone is willing to shell out some serious cash to purchase the hardware, given the fact that crypto prices are yet to recover since January’s correction.

That is where the new Honeyminer app comes in. Launched just over a month ago, the app lets almost everyone start mining cryptocurrencies right away without spending on any mining equipment. This is made possible because the app will run on the home PCs or laptops that people use for their daily net activities, like video streaming or browsing.

Mining During Laptop’s Idle Time

Mining cryptocurrencies require tons of computer resources to work. While a regular PC’s processing power is not on par with specially built mining rigs, the Honeyminer app solves the gap by pooling the computing resources of its registered users so it can solve the complex equations needed to mine the tokens, according to a TNW report.

Using the app will not interfere with users’ regular computer usage at all. Users can just schedule the app to run when they are not using their PCs or laptops. Since most laptops these days are turned on 24/7 anyway, letting them mine cryptocurrencies can be considered a productive use during their idle time.

Honeyminer charges a commission of 2.5 to 8 percent of the profits earned by a user. The rate depends on the quality of the hardware being used by the app.

Currently, the app is available for Windows users only. But a MacOS version is already in the works.

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