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How I Have Cheap Lunch Meals In The CBD With MealPal

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loyal forex is always on the lookout for reducing the cost of his meals without compromising on the quality of the food. He has successfully done this through Eatigo, Shopback Go and the HSBC Entertainer App. He struck gold again recently when he was introduced to MealPal during a promotional event. In the month of June, loyal forex was enjoying restaurant-quality lunches that only cost $3.99 per meal. Yup, you read it right and there is no typo mistake. Indeed, MealPal allowed him to have cheap lunch meals in the CBD and much more! Here is loyal forex’s review of MealPal and how you can also save on your meals expenses with MealPal.

How MealPal Works

MealPal originates from the US and is the brainchild of ClassPass co-founder, Mary Biggins. In Singapore, it offers both affordable lunch and dinner subscription plans in a 30-day cycle. MealPal members can reserve and pick up their meals from over hundreds of participating restaurants. Here is a step-by-step guide on how MealPal works.

1. Choose A Meal Package

For lunch, MealPal Singapore offers the (i) Basic Plan and the (ii) All-Access Plan.

  • Basic Plan: 12 restaurant meals at $7.99 per meal for a total sum of $95.88 (before discounts/promotion)
  • All-Access Plan: 12 restaurant meals + 2 hawker meals at $6.99 per meal for a total monthly sum of $97.88 (before discounts/promotion)

After purchasing your meal plan, remember to download the MealPal app (either iOS or the Android version) onto your mobile device.

2. Select Your Meal From Participating Restaurants

On the day that you purchase your meal plan, you are immediately good to redeem your first meal. As shown in Diagram 1, select any one of the delicious meals from the list of participating restaurants.


Diagram 1: List of lunch meals available on MealPal in Tanjong Pagar

Alternatively, instead of a list, you can also view the available restaurants using the map function to know how far they are located from your office/workplace. Some points to note:

  • MealPal is only available on a working day (i.e. a weekday that is not a public holiday.)
  • For lunches, the kitchen is open from 5pm onwards and closes at 10.30am the next day. As an example, if you would like to reserve your lunch on 23 July (Tuesday), you can start doing so anytime from 5pm of 22 July till 10.30am of 23 July.
  • You are only allowed to choose 1 lunch item per day and any unconsumed meals will be forfeited upon the expiry of your 30-day subscription plan.

Do not worry about menu fatigue as the participating restaurants often change their menu to freshen up the variety. In addition, MealPal not only works in the CBD, there are also plenty of merchant restaurants located in areas such as Orchard, Newton, City Hall and Bugis.

3. Redeem Your Meal

Simply turn up at the restaurant at the time slot that you have indicated and scan the MealPal QR code to redeem your meal. As MealPal is only available for take-aways, you can return to your office pantry to enjoy your meal! Alternatively, don’t be shy to bring along your restaurant meal and join your colleagues at the hawker center to have lunch together. Pay particular attention to their envious glances as they gaped in awe at the ridiculous price that you have just paid for your restaurant-quality meal!

Benefits Of MealPal

1. Restaurant-Quality Meals For Possibly Less Than $4

The main benefit of subscribing to MealPal is the cost savings. loyal forex kid you not- you could be paying “Hawker Prices for Restaurant Quality Meals”. For instance, loyal forex seized on a good corporate promotion offer and paid $47.90 for 12 meals. That worked out to $3.99 for each meal. That’s pretty much the average price of a hawker meal in the CBD, but look at what loyal forex consumed in the past month as shown in Diagram 2.


Diagram 2: Examples of meals consumed by loyal forex

Most of us probably agree that it is almost impossible to pay $4 at the food centres and get quality ingredients like oyster blade steak, salmon, Poké bowls. However, with MealPal, you can enjoy restaurant-quality meals at affordable prices that will not put a dent on your wallets.

2. Beat The Lunchtime Crowd

Another advantage of using a MealPal subscription is that you will be able to beat the long queues during peak lunch hours. Simply walk past the queue, scan the QR code and collect your lunch box! In most cases, the lunches would have already been prepared before your arrival. No time wasted so that you can have a more productive lunch hour!


Diagram 3: Scan the QR code to redeem your meal via MealPal and skip the long queues

Tips To Maximise Your MealPal Account

1. Postpone Your Meals If You Need To

It is inevitable that you might be absent from office for a prolonged period- eg: travelling for work or for leisure or calling in sick. These situations could potentially hinder you from finishing your meals within the current cycle. Not to worry, you can contact MealPal and they can offer solutions such as pausing your account (taking a break) and then crediting the missed meals to next month’s subscription. Note that this is handled on a case by case basis by MealPal’s customer service team so acceding to your request is not always guaranteed.

2. MealPal Auto-Renews

Like most subscription plans these days, MealPal is no different by automatically renewing your meal plans. (Note that your credit card details will be stored) It will automatically renew at the end of the 30-day cycle or when all meals have been consumed, whichever comes first.

If you do not like to continue with MealPal (for whatever reasons), do buffer several working days to cancel your subscription in advance. Note that making changes such as cancellations can only be done by logging into your account on the desktop version. This request is not available on the mobile app.

Receive $30 Off MealPal

If you would like to have cheap lunch meals in the CBD, you can sign up for MealPal via loyal forex’s referral link and receive $30 off your first-month subscription. For example, if you are taking the All-Access Plan, your total bill would be reduced to $67.88 for a total of 14 meals. This works out to only $4.85 per meal! Note that this exclusive loyal forex readers’ promotion is only valid till 31 Oct 2019, so make sure that you register and pay for your subscription before that to be eligible for the discount! To receive $30 off, you must be a new user who signs up via this referral link:


If you have further questions, do refer to the FAQ section on its main website. Alternatively, write in to [email protected] and he would be happy to address your questions and share more in-depth on his experience (and even more tips) of using MealPal.

Disclaimer: Note that loyal forex earns a small referral fee for every successful sign-up within the promotion period    

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