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How I Use Comparison Websites To Get The Lowest Price

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Comparison websites have been around for a long time but not many in Singapore are actually aware about them. loyal forex personally thinks that a comparison website allows him to evaluate costs and benefits, help him check out alternatives and ultimately snag the best deal out there. In this article, loyal forex will show you how he uses comparison websites to get the lowest price possible.

Air Tickets

This was probably loyal forex’s first brush with comparison websites. When he was still a young undergraduate on an overseas exchange programme, he was regularly searching for cheap budget airlines. His favourite comparison website for air tickets then was SkyScanner. Through SkyScanner, he came to know about other budget airlines such as Easyjet, Vueling and Wizzair etc. Otherwise, he would have relied entirely on Ryanair which was the only budget carrier that he knew at that time. Thanks to SkyScanner, he was able to save a couple of hundreds on his air tickets within Europe. This behaviour was reinforced so many times that this is now his first port of call whenever he is daydreaming about his next wanderlust.

Travel Insurance

Being the kiasi type, loyal forex would immediately be shopping around for travel insurance policies after booking his holiday. Getting a travel insurance policy is very important as loyal forex has experienced the monetary benefits of claiming for flight delays. Comparing travel insurance policies is a must as it seems like insurance providers are perpetually throwing promotions around to entice consumers. He has recently begun to use SingSaver to compare travel insurance policies.


When it comes to ordering a taxi, loyal forex instinctively opens up his Shopback mobile app first. The Shopback mobile app compare rides across operators such as Grab, ComfortDelgro and RYDE to inform the user the cheapest rate to pay for the chosen destination.


Screen grab of rides compared by loyal forex

By comparing his rides first, loyal forex only pays the lowest possible price. In addition, you get $0.20 cashback if you book your Grab rides via the Shopback platform. Who knows that it might very well include behemoth Go-Jek when it officially starts operating in Singapore. Having stayed in Jakarta before, he knows how awesome Go-Jek can be!

Credit Cards

Using the right credit card for your holiday and transport expenses can reap you air miles or cash rewards. Comparison websites are especially useful to help loyal forex cut across the plethora of credit card offerings from the various banks in Singapore. For a quick analysis of the best cashback credit cards in the market, loyal forex goes to SingSaver and selects the “Cashback Credit Cards” category


Mouse over and select the filter that is most suitable to you

This is a very convenient filter that saves him plenty of time as he only has to analyse a smaller pool of credit cards. Besides cashback, customers can also filter by air miles, rewards, dining, shopping and my personal favourite — “best deals“. Furthermore, SingSaver runs attractive on-site offers that are over and above that of the banks’ own welcome gifts. loyal forex has personally applied and received SingSaver’s vouchers and cash gifts after signing up for the SCB Unlimited Cashback Credit Card and the HSBC Advance Credit Card. Having studied various comparison sites, SingSaver’s offers are usually the most generous, not to mention they carry the widest range of products. Besides credit cards, they also have among the most generous offers for personal loans.

Savings Account

Likewise, choosing a competitive savings account that provides you a high interest rate can be a complex and time-consuming task. Similar to its offering for credit cards, SingSaver as a comparison website offers impresses with its user-friendly interface that allow users to compare across various savings accounts. You may also head over to Seedly for user reviews on all the savings accounts out there in the market.


This may not qualify as a comparison website per se. However, Eatigo does allow loyal forex to choose the restaurant that provides the best discount at a place and time most convenient for him.


Over thousands of participating merchants offering varying discounts across different time slots

loyal forex is a hardcore user of Eatigo such that he has already racked up thousands of savings by utilising the discounts for free! Get $5 by signing up with my referral code!

Conclusion of Comparison Websites

Last but not least, comparison websites have its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest pro would be how such financial comparison offers price checkpoints, giving you the opportunity to pay low prices. However, price comparison sites should not be treated as definitive as not all sites offer everything available in the market place.

Note that this article contains some affiliate links that allow loyal forex to earn a small fee for every successful referral. This article is written in collaboration with SingSaver but the opinions expressed here are entirely his own.

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