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How the Surge In E-Commerce Is Affecting Businesses and Consumers

online shipping boxesIn years past, the Internet was simply a tool. If you wanted to know the answer to a question or to keep up on current events as they were happening, the World Wide Web was there to help. Now, it’s more of an appendage; from social media to e-commerce, we are utterly dependent on our connectivity. Wifi, and internet connectivity, is even one of the three most important things to campers!

E-commerce, in particular, is a sector that continues to grow. It is currently valued at $423 billion in the US, and is steadily climbing with no signs of slowing down any time soon. For business owners the world over, this expansion represents unmitigated opportunities for profit; if you are able to successfully adapt your online presence to suit the needs of your customers and create a smooth and easy buying experience, you’ll see the payoff in new and consistent leads. However, this means you must also establish yourself on mobile platforms.

Make It Mobile

Mobile Internet penetration worldwide grew to 62% in 2018. With so many people using their cell phones and tablets to browse the Internet, your website simply must be optimized for mobile viewing. Beyond that, mobile commerce — also known as m-commerce — comprised 35% of all e-commerce sales in 2017, and that number is expected to reach a staggering 54% by the year 2021. The benefits of optimizing your mobile experience are obvious:

  • Better customer experience: Shopping online was already easy, but the ability to shop on your phone is even more convenient. Customers who may not have access to an actual computer are still able to access a wide variety of products, be informed of current sales and promotions, and discover who you are as a business. The simplicity of the entire process makes the likelihood of securing a lead much higher.
  • Unlimited opportunity for growth: Brick-and-mortar stores are going the way of the dinosaur. With so many people turning to the Internet for items of all kinds — from clothing to electronics and everything in between — you are able to find and reach out to more customers than ever before.
  • Go where your customers are: With an online and mobile presence, you are able to create the ideal omni-channel experience; by going wherever your customers are, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or your very own app, you’re able to stay in contact and stay relevant.

A Mutual Experience

As for the customers, shopping has never been easier. No matter what product or service you’re looking for, you gain access to all the information you could ever need; sales, promotions, recommended items, and new item emails are all at your fingertips, waiting to offer you the best deal possible. While this is often a positive experience — especially for those that loathe shopping in public and driving from store to store — it does have one major drawback for consumers: nearly 80% of Americans are struggling with debt, and the ease of access that e- and m-commerce provide can be difficult to resist.

Websites and apps are designed to help you shop and find what you’re looking for — even if you don’t know that you’re looking for it. Overspending comes easily, particularly now that payment options can be saved for a faster checkout. As long as you’re able to stay focused and resist temptation, e- and m-commerce can make life and all of its shopping experiences better.

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