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How to Earn Passive Income With 2Masternodes: Masternodes & Shares Service

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2Masternodes is a completely automated masternode shares service. From a user’s standpoint, it is as easy as sending a transaction to a wallet and waiting for passive income to arrive. Essentially, 2Masternodes makes it possible to buy masternodes or shares in a masternode in just a few clicks without having to have the knowledge of how to setup one up and purchase the required hosting for one.


What Are Masternodes?

Before using 2Masternodes, you should have an idea of what a masternode is. Simply put, a masternode is a server on a decentralized network. It is utilized to complete unique functions in ways ordinary nodes can’t. It can be used for features like direct send / instant transactions or private transactions.

Masternodes Guide

Masternodes perform specific tasks that are related to the approval and propagation of transactions and, in turn, they receive rewards.

Deposits are required to start masternodes, and once the masternode gets closed, the investor gets their deposit back. Masternodes operate on a Proof of Stake principle, allowing functionality that is similar to mining but does not require power consumption.

2Masternodes Stats

2Masternodes keeps an updated list of crucial statistics on its website. At the time of writing, there were 1,156 co-owners, 420 masternodes, and a total of $31,444 paid. You can also view specific statistics for various masternodes. At the time of writing, for example, GOBYTE had 442 co-owners with 128 nodes and $16,676 paid.

2Masternodes Features

Users do not need to complete any registration in order to use 2Masternodes, making this platform even more accessible. The only data that 2Masternodes stores is the wallet address that you give them. Additionally, it is completely transparent and open, letting customers view transactions for any of the 2Masternodes hosts.

Masternodes Shares

Generating a masternode is fully anonymous as well as transparent. You can monitor service operations via the blockchain explorer that shows information regarding crypto blocks.

To use 2Masternodes, you must invest a minimum of 1% of the masternode. If you send less than this, your investment will automatically be returned to your wallet. In terms of payments, the minimum payment is set to 0.5 coins. In the case of rewards under 0.5 coins, the reward will accumulate in the service account and will be combined with future rewards once you reach the minimum reward.

How Do You Use 2Masternodes?

2Masternodes is the very first crypto masternode hosting service that is completely automatic. You can choose to purchase either a full masternode or a share of one. There is no payment needed for hosting, and everything occurs automatically, including creating and synchronizing masternodes. 2Masternodes will automatically configure your server and then download and synchronize the blockchain. It then automatically pays out rewards the masternode gets for work to the co-owners of the masternode based on the percentage of the assets they invested.

You will need to access your wallet address to start sales of masternode shares. Following sales, you get coins back in two weeks for masternode shares.

Some users will notice that the investment they send gets split into several masternodes. This can happen if the investment was the final one sent during the compiling of the masternode. In this case, half of the investment likely made it into the current masternode with the other half waiting for the next masternode. It is also possible that you received a share that another investor sold for a portion of your investment with the other part remaining in a new node.

2Masternodes Wallets

To use 2Masternodes, you will need to have a full blockchain wallet that is designed for the chosen cryptocurrency and access to your private keys. It is not enough to just have a wallet that is registered on a crypto exchange. This does not work since the process of receiving rewards is anonymous, meaning that the rewards would get sent to the address on your investment form, which means you cannot use a wallet that a crypto exchange generates. If you were to sign up with one of these wallets, you would likely never receive rewards or the return on your investment.

It is also possible to use the Coinomi multicurrency wallet for 2Masternodes. Regardless of your chosen wallet, 2Masternodes suggests users opt for an official wallet with the full blockchain, as that will deliver maximum security as well as control over private keys.

2Masternodes Fees

2Masternodes does charge a service fee of 10 percent. This is only charged when you get your masternode awards, so users do not have to worry about paying 2Masternodes if they have not received any masternode rewards.

2Masternodes Security

2Masternode makes security a high priority, not requiring any registration and only storing data in the form of a wallet address. As mentioned, the process of generating masternodes is transparent and anonymous. Since transactions are public, users can monitor service operations. Additionally, 2Masternodes meets industry standard security solutions and includes multiple protection layers.

Every masternode runs on a unique virtual instance on Digital Ocean or Amazon Web Services. There is no direct IP access to this instance, and even the node interactions take place via dedicated Elastic Load Balancers so the running node’s real IP is hidden.

Additionally, there is no external internet access for critical system parts, including the backend that controls incoming funds. All these critical parts are instead hidden inside AWD in virtual private networks. 2Masternodes additionally monitors vulnerabilities constantly, including those discovered in packages the backend uses. This stops breaches that utilize long-known vulnerabilities.

Further security comes from 2Masternodes’ constant monitoring to look for zero-day exploits so it can address issues quickly, the highly limited access to mission-critical portions of the system, and the fact that the portions that are exposed to the public internet do not have any control over masternodes or funds.


2Masternodes makes it easier for those interested in owning a masternode to do so. The system takes care of everything automatically, letting you send your investment in just several clicks so you can begin earning rewards. With 2Masternodes, it is possible to own a full masternode or a share of a masternode, which makes investing in masternodes more accessible. The system has multiple security measures in place and was designed to be straightforward to use.

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