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How To Write A Will Online In Singapore

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With the birth of his daughter, loyal forex has a genuine dependent on his hands now. This has prompted him and his wife to review their insurance policies to ensure that they are comprehensive enough to cater for an additional dependent should anything untoward happen to them. The next major financial action to take is to write his own will after such a life-changing event. This led him to MoneyOwl, which provides online will writing services in Singapore.

Why loyal forex Is Writing A Will

1. He decides on how his estate are distributed

If loyal forex passes away without making a will, intestacy laws will determine how his estate (assets) are distributed to his beneficiaries. Based on his current family make-up, that means that half of his assets will go to Heartland Girl (surviving spouse) and the other half will go to Heartland Baby. While his current assets are relatively modest, they could grow into a significant sum when insurance payouts are received upon his death. He decides to change the course of action as he would like to include his parents as beneficiaries as well. This is critical because his parents have no retirement funds and are depending on their children to support them in their golden years.

For those who are interested in the Intestate Succession Act, it is available at Singapore Statutes Online.

2.He can appoint executor whom he trusts

Without a will, an administrator (a next-of-kin) must step forward to apply for the Letter of Administration before the next of kin can distribute the estate according to the Interstate Succession Act. With a will, a grant of probate will be issued to the executor of his will. The executor will collect loyal forex’s estate and distribute it according to the instructions on his will. This prevents any possible arguments as to who is best suited to be the executor. I think we have all witnessed on some Chinese drama serials on how this can potentially wreck families.

3. He can appoint a guardian to take care of his daughter


If his daughter is below the age of 21 when loyal forex kicks the bucket, it is important to make sure that her financial needs are well taken care of by an appointed guardian. Heartland Girl will be the appointed guardian by default. Having a will also allows loyal forex to name an alternate guardian should both parents meet with an untimely demise together. Since this is about managing monies, loyal forex appointed someone who is extremely prudent with finances.

4.His final act of love for the family

loyal forex has always been the Chief Financial Officer of the family as he has a better grasp of the harsh reality of the outside world. That means he manages the all-round financial aspects of the household. He imagines that Heartland Girl will be grieving tremendously upon the death of a spouse and the last thing on her mind would be to get the household finances in order. Therefore, in such circumstances, creating a will is his final act of love for his loved ones. Everything will work efficiently whereby executors and trustees will manage his assets according to the instructions on his will. Heartland Girl can then focus on other aspects of her life, such as providing emotional support to her daughter.

Write A Will Online At MoneyOwl

In looking for will writing companies, loyal forex decided to draft a simple will online on his own (very millennial), without any lawyers’ advice and all from the comfort of his own home. He tried the online will writing services provided by MoneyOwl’s software and here is his review.


Diagram 1: Screen-shot of loyal forex’s will before it was dated an executed

Hassle-Free Process

The process is unbelievably convenient and hassle free. All loyal forex needed was to get the following persons’ names and NRIC

  • Spouse
  • Child(ren)
  • Executor and Trustee
  • Alternate-Executor and Trustee
  • Beneficiary(ies)
  • Alternate Guardian
  • 2X Witnesses to the will

Because he already had all the information ready and he knew how he would like his estate to be distributed, loyal forex completed the entire online will-writing process in 10 minutes! All these data will be correctly placed into MoneyOwl’s stored template by its robots. There is also no need for the presence of any lawyers to validate the legality of the online will executed.

Do also note that you will be required to create an account with MoneyOwl to be able to save your will and print it out. Once the will has been executed, loyal forex stored it together with his insurance folder for safe-keeping.

Extremely Low Cost For Writing A Will

For now, MoneyOwl is running a limited time promotion whereby its email subscribers can try its will writing services for free by using the promo code provided. Not to worry, the friendly folks behind MoneyOwl has also generated a promo code for readers of heartlandboy.com:


Punch in the promo code to try the online will writing service provided by MoneyOwl for free! Do make full use of this promotion to get your will executed at zero cost! For any questions on will writing, do head over to its FAQ section which loyal forex found extremely useful.

This article is written in collaboration with MoneyOwl but the opinions expressed here are entirely his own

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