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Indeed Report: Demand for Blockchain Employment Opportunities Still Robust

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Indeed.com, the popular U.S. search engine for job seekers, has released a new report on company data that indicates searches for blockchain jobs on the platform have remained fashionable regardless of the cryptoeconomy’s currently bearish cycle.

That same report found that Indeed job searches linked to the terms “cryptocurrency” and “bitcoin” have been steadily declining over the first quarter of 2019 after searches for both peaked last December.

 Indeed Blockchain Jobs

At the time, “cryptocurrency” searches topped out at 46 searches per million, and “bitcoin” wasn’t far behind with 39 searches per million. These searches have respectively declined more than 40 percent and 75 percent over the last three months.

It’s been a different story for “blockchain” job searches, however. Indeed’s Hiring Lab found that such queries hovered around the 47 searches-per-million mark during the same period time.

To that end, Indeed noted that interest in the tech “remain[ing] high,” as well as the more generic possibilities of non-specific blockchain work, likely accounted for the consistent search trend:

“The sustained interest in blockchain jobs is perhaps a sign that job seekers believe non-financial companies will pursue blockchain applications, even if financial companies see cryptocurrencies as a fad. Rightly or wrongly, blockchain is seen by job seekers as a viable innovation whether or not bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are.”

Indeed Blockchain Job Searches

Indeed Blockchain Job Searches, Source

JPMorgan Is Making a Major Blockchain Hiring Push

In their report, Indeed also found that the only bank in the top 10 companies making the biggest crypto and blockchain hiring pushes as of late also happened to be America’s largest — JP Morgan Chase.

As such, Indeed discerned that JP Morgan was recently gunning for more blockchain hires than Ethereum venture studio ConsenSys and tech titan Microsoft — a dynamic that indicates the scope of the firm’s distributed ledger plans for the foreseeable future.

Other international business powers like Cisco, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and IBM were among the enterprises attempting the most blockchain-centric hires, Indeed found.

The drive to bring in crypto talent comes as no surprise, as JP Morgan made waves in the cryptoeconomy last month in announcing the launch of JPM Coin, a stablecoin for international payments settlements being created by the firm.

Hiring Has Been a Pronounced Storyline in 2019

Bear market or not, big companies have been making big blockchain hires this year.

For example, speculation exploded a few weeks ago that staking services were coming to Coinbase after the exchange hired Luke Youngblood, the architect of Tezos’s staking system. And, lo and behold, that’s precisely what’s happened now that Coinbase Custody has revealed its staking and governance operations.

Silicon Valley mainstays Facebook and Square have also been trying to make blockchain tech hiring inroads.

Earlier this month, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey announced that the new Square Crypto service was looking to hire some cryptocurrency engineers and a designer.

Around the same time, a job posting on the Facebook Careers page appeared for a “Lead Commercial Counsel, Blockchain” position. The work would center around legally fostering Facebook’s commercial blockchain-based ventures.

Last month, Facebook’s blockchain team also “acqui-hired” a handful of smart contracts experts from the Chainspace project — a potential staffing boon to their reported plans to make a Facebook coin or similar assets in the future.

Looking for Crypto Work? You’ve Got Options

You don’t have to work at Facebook or JP Morgan if you want to work in crypto.

Those hunting for blockchain work have plenty of helpful online resources to turn to, including crypto jobs boards like CryptoJobs, Crypto Jobs List, and Coinmonks Jobs. More mainstream boards like Indeed, AngelList, and Upwork are also options.

It’s not clear when the current bear cycle will end, but you can bet that crypto-related job postings will boom on these sites in kind when it does.

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