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Introducing EtherMium: A New Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

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While there are already many decentralized exchanges in existence, EtherMium aims to offer more features than usually found on a DEX and create one that can compete in features with Centralized exchanges while retaining the benefits of being Decentralized.

The project is in active development and will remain anonymous and decentralized for it’s users, requiring no KYC and the ability to start trading in seconds.


EtherMium is also getting ready to launch its solution for options trading, as well as a solution that will make it possible to create and conduct an ICO on its DEX exchange. All offerings will be found in a single product that has an attractive and user-friendly interface.

EtherMium has the goal of making this the best possible exchange. To achieve that, the project has a few priorities in place, including safety, the selection of assets, and new projects and ICOs. In terms of safety, EtherMium is decentralized and never holds any customer funds. Instead, the funds stay on smart contracts, which act as programmable bank accounts in this situation. Because of this element, customers are the only ones able to manage their funds, without the exchange owners being able to do so.

In terms of asset selection, EtherMium currently offers a range of Ethereum ERC20 tokens that users can trade.


In the near future, it will also launch a derivative trading solution that makes it possible to trade non-Ethereum cryptocurrencies with leverage. These can include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and more. Additionally, EtherMium will allow for trading of real-world assets, including indices, commodities, and company stocks. EtherMium feels that decentralized futures trading of Ethereum with leverage will be a revolutionary change for the trading world and aims to become a leader in that area.

Finally, EtherMium plans to offer the top selection of projects that are still in their ICO stage. The project currently has an ICO catalog and crowd sale page in the beta testing stage, which is closed. Customers soon will be able to access these features. Once available, customers of EtherMium can navigate through the project library and use EtherMium to participate in ICOs while taking advantage of security, anonymity, and decentralization.

Why Is EtherMium Necessary?

EtherMium aims to make it possible for people to trade assets in a safe, anonymous way. With platforms like this, anyone can invest in and profit from global trade, provided they have an internet connection. EtherMium steps in to expand the privilege of trading that is currently reserved for just a small fraction of the world’s countries at the moment.


The way that EtherMium stores customer funds on smart contracts allows for a familiar system that acts somewhat like a programmed bank since only the customer can access their funds. When storing funds on EtherMium, users will be able to trust their funds as much, if not more, than if they were to have them in their wallet.

At the moment, a similar option does not exist. Centralized futures exchanges store all funds as well as unrealized profits within the platform owner’s custody. As such, the platform is an attractive target for hackers. Additionally, centralized solutions must deal with pressure from authorities that can lead to frozen or confiscated funds. As a decentralized solution, this is never a possibility with EtherMium. After all, there is no way for the exchange owners to confiscate or freeze funds that they have no access to.


EtherMium Features

EtherMium also makes it quick to start trading thanks to its decentralized nature. Since the exchange is decentralized, there is no need to register or complete KYC requirements. This means you do not need to input personal information, such as your name or even email address. Instead, you can make a new Ethereum-based wallet in a single click. From there, you can deposit your Ethereum and begin trading in minutes.

As you will see, the DEX trading screen itself is very well designed and clean looking and offers more trading options the other DEXs such as Stop-Limit and Market orders.

Ethermium Exchange

Additionally, EtherMium stands out with its competitive fees – none for deposits or withdrawals. The trading fees from EtherMium are also very low. The exchange follows the maker-taker model with makers paying 0 percent and takers paying 0.2 percent.

Planned Features

One of the biggest features of EtherMium is its planned leveraged futures trading product. This will let investors bet on prices of assets, both within the cryptocurrency world and those outside of it. At first, EtherMium will offer leverage of up to 10 times, although this can increase as the platform expands. Thanks to the use of an innovative structure, EtherMium does not have any clawbacks, socially distributed losses, or forced liquidations.

At first, EtherMium will begin with the leveraged trading of available assets from other blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, and Monero. From there, EtherMium will deploy stock trading for EtherMium, with a focus on the company stocks that see the most trades, including TSLA and AAPL. After this, it will add commodities, such as oil and gold, to its tradable assets.

EtherMium will also offer the ability to short an ICO, something you cannot currently find from anyone. EtherMium does not have any limitations in its sights, with the ability to theoretically add an unlimited number of assets. The only limitation the team will keep in mind is ensuring that the platform always remains user-friendly and can handle any additions.

EtherMium Security

The two main elements of security on EtherMium are the Exchange Smart Contract and the Order Book Service. As mentioned earlier, the Exchange Smart Contract serves a similar purpose as a bank account. It stores user balances and takes care of movements of funds, but only the owner of the smart contract can access it. The Order Book Service does not store orders on the blockchain. Instead, it runs on the servers and holds the orders from users. The contract includes a specific check for signatures of users, so no transactions can occur fraudulently.

EtherMium App

There is not currently an EtherMium mobile application, but the platform will be releasing it very soon.

Mobile Apps

The application will be available for both Android and iOS devices.


EtherMium is a decentralized exchange that provides anonymity and will offer a wide range of assets. It uses a unique and secure method of storing customer funds and will offer assets that you cannot currently find on any other exchanges, such as the ability to invest in ICOs and go short on them. Most features on EtherMium are either currently active or already at advanced testing stages. The interface is very well designed and easy to use and the upcoming mobile apps look like they will be equally well created.

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