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IOHK Charles Hoskinson Rounds Up July Updates for Cardano (ADA)

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Cardano roadmap

Charles Hoskinson, CEO and founder of the Cardano Foundation and IOHK, has shared the latest updates on the roadmap of ADA while announcing the most recent developments that took place within the Cardano decentralized network.

Charles Hoskinson Updates the Public on the Latest Improvements

As a part of the regular Cardano newsletter, Hoskinson has addressed the public in-line with their established transparency when it comes to updates and developments within the ADA ecosystem.

On this occasion, Hoskinson stated that team IOHK has made improvements to Daedalus 0.11 and Cardano version 1.3, including syncing the blockchain up to 4 times faster, memory and storage efficiencies and various user experience enhancements.  Users and exchanges will benefit from the updates,

The latest version of Daedalus was released on August 9, as originally stated by Hoskinson in the official video newsletter published several days prior to the release.

IOHK and Hoskinson: Announcing Cardano 1.4 Update and More

Hoskinson added that the anticipated Cardano version 1.4 is already being worked on.  It is expected to be the largest update of the network with refactoring that will make the network code of higher quality and much easier to test.

Charles Hoskinson also mentioned project Prometheus, written in Rust, which is a platform that allows for lighter weight experiences such as those running on ATMs and mobile clients.  A Google Chrome extension will be the first product on this platform with announcements due around August 15.

Hoskinson’s Decision to Leave Twitter

The blockchain platform’s CEO ended his video newsletter with a statement about Twitter, stating that he has left Twitter indefinitely because of the “toxic” environment on social networks.

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