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IOHK Releases September Update for Project Shelley

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Project Shelley is an ambitious project by Cardano developers IOHK. It aims to make the Cardano blockchain fully decentralized and autonomous. On Tuesday, Oct. 9, IOHK project manager Liz Bancroft-Turner shared the September update on the Shelley project and talked about its test and quality plan.

Understanding Project Shelley

According to Bancroft-Turner, the goal of Shelley is to “become fully decentralized and autonomous.” It will depend on three streams — incentives, delegation, and networking. For incentives, the goal is to ensure that stakeholders of the blockchain have ample motivation to run the protocol and help the system run more smoothly. Delegation is about users providing their block signing rights to a third party. Networking means allowing the creation of an infrastructure that can support full decentralization.

She said that IOHK had completed the Delegation Research Paper and the Incentives Research Paper already. Now the team is working on delegation design specification, peer discovery design, communication protocol design, and Delta Q measurement design. Other ongoing processes include the creation of a detailed technical implementation plan, core DIF design, testnet planning, and test and quality plan creation.

Looking Forward to the Future

According to the Project Shelley roadmap, IOHK will be working on Core DIF; delegation/incentives core, front and back; communication protocol; Delta Q measurements; and, finally, testnet deployment in the third and fourth quarters of 2018.

Bancroft-Turner also talked about property-based tests for the blockchain protocol. Two different descriptions will be tested against each other, supported by the pure model for running asynchronous protocols and pure model for software transactions.

The most important part of their roadmap at the moment is the test and plan quality. It will include test strategy, test execution strategy, and test management, which will help in making reporting defects easier and improving the overall transparency of the blockchain.

There will also be performance and benchmarking tests, security tests, and other tests that facilitate the transition from centralized to decentralized networks.

The Shelley project brings us the next phase in the Cardano blockchain after the Byron phase. If all things go right and the Shelley testnet goes live by the end of the year, it would mark a huge win for Cardano, as well as IOHK.

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