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[Its Christmas] – Want to get the top investment books for free for the rest of the year?

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The National Library has a great resource you can borrow digital books from them.


It’s very easy to sign up.

You can either read the books on your computer or download the app on your tablet.

I use an iPad Pro and got it sorted out pretty fast.

Selection of books is great

I was really surprised at the selection of books that were pretty extensive.

You can get investment classics like The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham or Warren Buffett’s biography (books by both authors, Roger Lowenstein & Alice Schroder are available).

They even had more niche books like “Markets Never Forget” – Ken Fisher available.

Making my life much easier

Over the course of my work and in writing articles, I have to reference books / materials quite regularly which is a big drag especially since I am on the move a lot.

This new initiative is an absolute game changer for me and makes my life much easier especially when I need to reference just a chapter of a book.

No more excuses

For readers, this is an incredible cost saving that you no longer even have to buy books / head down to the library to borrow it.

I know that many a time book recommendations are ignored from the hassle it takes to buy time…

This should no longer be an excuse as you literally can get a digital copy onto your phone/laptop in minutes for free.

Christmas came early for me

One of the happiest pieces of news for me this year and I can flip through books quickly for free now. I am out of the country quite a bit and seemed to have missed this until recently.

But is this is a deathblow for traditional bookshops?

Although I cannot say the same for traditional bookshops. Libraries have always existed but this new digital borrowing scheme is both far more convenient and free.

The selection is equally extensive too.

I am not sure how traditional book retailers are going to compete in the face of this.

It might be my imagination but I do get the feeling that I am receiving text messages from Kinokuniya far more regularly than normal for their 20% discounted sales.

Ending thoughts:

Not sure what I can really add here.

This is both cheap (free in fact) and good.

Sign up now and merry Christmas!

PS: This isn’t a sponsored post from the National Library 😉


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