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John McAfee Is at It Again, Promotes a New Paid Group on Twitter

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May 3, 2018 Santa Clara / CA / USA - McAfee corporate headquarters building located in Silicon Valley, south San Francisco bay area. Source; shutterstock.com

John McAfee, one of the most influential yet controversial figures in the cryptocurrency space, has sparked yet another debate on Twitter. This time, he is asking his followers to join the ‘No BS Crypto’ group — a paid membership platform that provides “tools” for Telegram chat and expert training for users. He is infamous in crypto circles for promoting any crypto project that will pay enough, and there is even a Reddit thread dedicated to his crazy antics, as well as some Github links.

The No BS Crypto Claims to Offer a Lot

A promotion by McAfee for any new crypto project has become quite a common sight, and the software magnate doesn’t seem to have any reservations regarding the same. In his latest tweet, he writes:

The tweet had received 184 retweets and 729 likes when this article was published.

The website of the group makes lofty claims about what an association with them could offer. This includes affiliate memberships, Telegram chats, weekly updates of the top 100 coins, in-depth analysis of altcoins, Primablock initial coin offering pool buy-in, etc. It offers silver membership for $39 per month, gold membership for $89 per month and platinum membership for $149 per month. According to the website, platinum members will also get exclusive access to a quarterly open conference with Chris Koerner and John McAfee himself.

The List Goes on and On…

Reading the list of offerings of the No BS Crypto group, the users will come across several services and potential advantages through their membership. One of the unique offerings includes profit sharing in the No BS Crypto Book. Platinum members will be allowed to contribute content to this exclusive book, for which they will receive a percentage of profits from sales generated by the publication.

For up to 12 months, users will receive physical, limited edition $NOBS tokens each month. The website adds:

“Each token is unique to how many months you have been a member, worth 10K $NOBS each. New wallet addresses will be included with the token which you can either leave on that wallet or transfer to a different wallet.”

Twitter users, however, aren’t all buying this idea by McAfee. Some users are sharing a screenshot of McAfee’s May 27 tweet with short-term predictions for each coin, showing the margin by which he has missed.

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