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John McAfee Starts a Rant on Twitter, Asks to Look Into Returns After 18 Months

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KONSKIE, POLAND - MAY 16, 2018: McAfee website displayed on Samsung smartphone hidden in jeans pocket. SOurce: shutterstock.com

John McAfee recently went into rant mode on Twitter, defending his investments and advice. He told his followers that his crypto investments made him a very rich man and gave him a very big car and yacht. He also went on to say that cryptos give a minimum 100 percent and maximum 2,400 percent return in 18 months. Showing off his car and telling people he has the largest yacht on the island, the crypto influencer implied that he stands by his investments.

The John McAfee Effect

Being John McAfee isn’t easy. While asking for thousands of dollars from young organizations for his promotional tweets and consistently tweeting to let his followers know about the initial coin offering (ICO) projects they should buy into, he has time to read his criticisms as well. The infamous crypto influencer posted a tweeted on Sunday, August 11, to let his followers know that he can afford an awesome lifestyle, thanks to cryptocurrencies.

He said:

“My predictions are shit only if they fail in 18 months – the minimum long-term investment. Everything I recommend I buy myself. It made me one the richest men on earth. Ex: My $400,000 ride. My yacht, the largest on the Island. Success is truth. I invest in all my predictions.”

Is He Toning It Down?

McAfee also wrote:

“I get it people. I follow my own advice, so I am as locked up as you are. For some of you, the difference is that, no matter what I recommend, I will hold for a minimum of 18 months. If you take any 18-month segment from Bitcoin prices, the minimum return is over 100%. Max: 2,400%”

Previously, McAfee noted that he would eat his own d**k on national television if proven wrong that Bitcoin will be sitting atop a $500,000 valuation in three years. It has been one year since that statement, and the coin has been struggling to move over $7,000. In April this year, he said that the lower limit of Bitcoin price possibility by December 2020 is $1 million.

The antivirus magnate seems to be on the defensive this time. Some sections of the Twitterati don’t take him seriously and frequently take jabs at his tweets. Some appreciate his honesty too. But the recent tweets met with a lot of counter tweets calling his yacht and cars liabilities instead of assets and accusing him of shilling and pumping coins to make money. In several of the tweets that he replied to, he looked very defensive about his position on the coins, frequently suggesting that he is merely recommending coins.

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