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Justin Sun Bids to Become Tron Super Representative; Reddit All Fired Up for His Election

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Super representative concept. Source: shutterstock.com

Tron, China’s very own cryptocurrency, has been shrouded in an air of mystery. Called a scam by some and a genuine token by others, there is no doubt that the project is unique in many ways. Highlighting one of Tron’s most distinctive characteristics — the Super Representative program — founder Justin Sun has announced his candidacy. He and 60 other SRs are now in the race to gather maximum votes in the blockchain.

Sun Makes Announcement on Twitter

Sun announced the move on his Twitter account on July 18, Wednesday, where he wrote:

“I am excited to run for #TRON Super Representative alongside excellent candidates, in the hands of our community. Voting is a crucial part of the #TRON ecosystem and embodies our mission of decentralization and democracy. Every vote counts! #TRX $TRX

http://tronsr.org/index.php?p=/discussion/10017/justinsun-will-be-the-main-site-for-the-tron-super-representative-campaign/p1?new=1 …”

In a blog post released simultaneously, he said:

“I hope that my candidacy will make all the TRX holders, supporters and believers see the significance embedded in voting.”

He also said that voting allows users to promote “the popular sovereignty and the natural rights” of a coin.

He stressed the democratic and decentralized nature of the blockchain and emphasized the significance of voting. He also said that the decision of becoming an SR candidate is completely personal and would not affect the 33.2 billion Tron tokens locked away by Tron Foundation. This means that these tokens will not be part of this election process. The network has 60 SR candidates at the moment.

Debate Sparks on Reddit

Cryptocurrency forums on Reddit glowed red hot as the decision was announced. While some users suggested that Sun’s involvement would help the system, some others believe that this move was made to grab interest in the SR procedure simply. Some other users are expecting him to get elected and provide better rewards to the people in the network by ordering more coin burns.

However, one user, “kribnutz,” had a different point of view. The user noted that the move would not work well in the short term. According to the user, people who have been rethinking the status of Tron as a legitimate crypto project, not a scam, may get deterred by their decision. They “will see this as a self-enrichment scheme for Justin. After all, those block rewards go to him and him alone. You think he doesn’t have 100 million TRX for himself to pretty much buy an SR spot? Admittedly all speculation but it doesn’t look good.”

The user also wrote that if Sun does go forward with his coin burns, he will be “uniquely positioned” to make guarantees like that and get voted in the network every single time.

The Washington Post discredited the blockchain earlier this year, saying that Tron doesn’t actually exist, and its whitepaper is simply filled with a bunch of buzzwords.

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