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Kaspersky’s Report Claims $2.3 Million Stolen by Cryptocurrency Scammers in Q2 2018

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A new report released by Kaspersky Labs claims that the mammoth amount of $2.3 million was lost in crypto scams in the second quarter of this year, and cybercriminals are responsible for it. The Moscow-based antivirus and security firm further reveals in its report titled “Spam and Phishing in Q2 2018” that it was successful in blocking around 58,000 attempts to access fake web pages mimicking cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges between April and June 2018.

Abstract of Kaspersky’s Report

While elucidating more on cryptocurrency scams, Kaspersky’s report says that the intruders convinced their victims to send their coins to phony initial coin offerings (ICOs) and share their personal information. According to the report, to collect funds, the cybercriminals posed as ICO projects to inexperienced individuals who were trying to purchase tokens.

The report also extolled its own service by claiming that it successfully averted (with its antiphishing system) nearly 58,000 user attempts to access phishing websites in the second quarter of 2018.

Ethereum Is the Most Popular Cryptocurrency With Phishers, Report Claims

The recent report released by Kaspersky also claimed that Ethereum (ETH) is presently “the most popular cryptocurrency with phishers.” Its popularity among the cybercriminals has increased as “more funds are attracted by ICOs on the Ethereum platform.” According to the data gained by the security firm, from more than a thousand ETH wallets in the second quarter of this year, cybercriminals were able to generate roughly $2,329,317 by exploiting ICOs, and this amount doesn’t include traditional phishing.

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