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Leonardo Render Gains Traction in Asia Following a Series of New Technical Partnerships

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August 22, 2018 (Beijing) – With the increasing needs for three dimensional rendering services,  blockchain-based cloud supercomputing solution Leonardo Render has announced a number of substantial new partnerships in the Asian rendering marketplace. The news has been released after a number of cooperation agreements and contracts have been settled.

Leonardo Render

Please Note: This is a Press Release

iQIYI ( the ‘Netflix in China’) has entered into a collaborative partnership with the LR platform to create a custom version of the software for fulfilling the numerous specifications required for a company like iQIYI.

Leonardo Render presentation for iQIYI

The team met with Mr. Jin Min, Director of Production for the firm, along with a number of other executive directors for the company. Mr. Jin stated, “We used to send our material out to render farms and waited sometimes days to get the result. It looks like now we can see the result immediately on our workstations without having to wait and see the result in realtime. This technology is a must have.”

Additionally, Leonardo Render has been chosen as the contract rendering firm for the China Building Technique Group, a construction firm specializing in building information modeling (BIM). This system allows builders and general contractors to digitally render blueprints in order to create a working model of a structure prior to putting brick to mortar.

This partnership will create a new venue for LR to access clients needing specialized rendering services for construction needs.

Additionally, Leonardo Render met with VHQ, a well established media outlet currently partnering with enterprise firms like Coca-Cola, P&G, Coca cola, and Samsung. The meeting served to offer the possibility of future collaboration for services related to graphic rendering.

VHQ technical director Mr. Guan commented, “Do you know how we make renderings here? We ship the hard drive to the render farm and they render it for us. There’s no other solution at the moment. I know it sounds crazy. We look forward to have our personalized version of Leonardo. It will be a revolution and incredible improvement to our workflow.”

Leonardo Render CEO Marco Iodic with Pearl Studio’s team

Lastly, LR connected with Pearl Studio (formerly known as DreamWorks’ Asian affiliate). The production team made it clear that they were impressed by the power and utility of the Leonardo Render platform.

A collaboration with Pearl Studio may well open doors for a near future partnership between Leonardo and the sizable digital studio. Such a partnership would undoubtedly bring further connections for Leonardo Render in the digital animation realm. Because LR is able to offer quality rendering solutions for companies of the magnitude of Pearl Studio, the potential for growth could be exponential.

The LR platform has begun creating viable business solutions for a variety of different industries within the Asian marketplace. By reducing the time scale for complex rendering, while at the same time lowering the cost, LR is finding a niche market within the fast-growing rendering marketplace.

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