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LINK by Prudential Review – Your Roadmap for Investing, Insurance, and Financial Direction

The following is a guest post from Hank Coleman at Money Q&A.

This review is sponsored by Prudential. All opinions are from the author.

Personal finance is just that – personal. In today’s world of smartphone apps and fintech, it’s often hard for consumers to receive detailed and actionable financial strategies online. But, that’s precisely what LINK by Prudential is doing for its customers.

LINK by Prudential is an experience that combines online, phone, and video chats to help you develop your own financial roadmap for success. And, because Prudential backs LINK with its insurance, investing, and financial planning experience, you can shop for financial products and solutions to your problems all from one company.

LINK isn’t just about algorithms deciding which investments you should purchase and how much insurance coverage you need. There are real people on the other end of the phone or computer screen to help you every step of the way.

While other companies and apps rely exclusively on customer questionnaires and algorithms to provide their financial advice and product recommendations, LINK by Prudential combines advanced technologies with personalized support from highly qualified, human advisors.

Your Roadmap

LINK by Prudential helps you to develop a roadmap based on you and your family’s financial goals as well as your timeline, wherever you may be along the path.

The team at LINK works with you to look at your investing, insurance, and retirement needs. And, they look at the whole picture.

While many fintech companies and app-based financial services offer guidance, but most only focus on one aspect of your financial life. But, with LINK, you have a team in Prudential that looks at your inputs and offers financial guidance.

There are many ways that you can connect with the team at LINK by Prudential initially and on an ongoing basis. Customers can receive help and advice through several different options such as phone calls with financial professionals, web videos and online resources, and video calls with an advisor.

The amount of access and ways to connect with financial professionals who are on your team is not typical for the financial industry. That is, of course, unless you have a lot of money to invest or assets to manage where you can hire your own financial advisor. You’ll struggle to find the same access to professionals who’ll answer your phone calls and emails at there similar financial services companies.

Additionally, after you set up your financial roadmap, you have several ways that you can implement your plan. When you decide on products or services for your plan, you can purchase the investments and insurance directly through the LINK by Prudential web portal or remotely over the phone with advisers.

Creating Your Plan

When you sign up for LINK by Prudential, you begin with an initial session either online or over the phone. The initial session helps you to create your customized roadmap. It starts with you answering questions to help LINK understand your financial goals.

A knowledgeable advisor can help you create your LINK roadmap – or you can choose to do it on your own. Your LINK by Prudential roadmap is a strategy to help you meet your financial goals and typically includes things such as:

  • Life insurance options to protect your family
  • Investments products to reach your goals
  • Action steps to take for retirement
  • Charting your progress

Your Prudential LINK advisors help you break up short and long-term goals into manageable pieces, based on your current financial situation and tolerance for risk. They can also help you adjust your strategy when your situation changes later down the road, and they’re always available to answer questions or provide feedback as needed.

The Personal Touch of LINK by Prudential

Like weight loss and New Year’s Resolutions, many people struggle with sticking to their goals. You need help. You often need someone to walk you through things, help you track your progress, and then hold you accountable – much like a personal trainer.

LINK by Prudential is like your personal trainer but for your finances. The team at LINK can help you build a roadmap or plan for your financial goals. They walk you through everything and are available to answer questions. They can also help you purchase the product you need for your plan.

And, then LINK helps you monitor the plan along the way. As things change in your life and your goals and timeline shifts, they can also help you adjust and rebalance things.

Personal finances are personal. It takes more than an algorithm and a questionnaire to plan for your financial future. There are so many factors like your goals, income, debts, retirement dreams, and the like that need to factor into your decisions along the way.

LINK by Prudential is an excellent alternative to the smartphone apps and other online fintech solutions that focus on only one part of personal finance. You need a highly personalized approach to accomplish your financial goals that include consistent access to human advisors at every stage along your journey.

What I like most about LINK by Prudential is that you don’t merely get much of the standard, vague advice from others such as simply “save more” or “pay off your debts”. Instead, you get advice that you can take action with right away. With LINK, you get actual, realistic strategies to help you achieve your goals.

A lot of financial smartphone apps and websites tell you the steps that you should take to accomplish your goals. But, LINK has a team of advisors along with a great site and in-person assistance (if needed) that helps you determine exactly how to achieve your goals.

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