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Locktrip LOC Is Now Available At KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

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KuCoin’s pool of cryptocurrencies has remarkably increased. Because of their ongoing development and additional programs, more and more blockchain based projects are trusting this platform to include their native currencies.

Today, KuCoin is thrilled to announce that they have listed Locktrip LOC token to their network. Deposit is now possible with trading pairs including LOC/BTC and LOC/ETH.

Buying commence at 19:30 UTC+8 while selling and withdrawal at 20:00 UTC+8.

About Locktrip

LockTrip was developed and organized to accommodate an open and decentralized source for rental bookings. It is the first system that can enable the owner of the property and the end user to transact freely inside its platform.

Similar platforms like Booking.com, Expedia.com, and Airbnb.com are on centralized form. They normally charge substantial charges to both users and owners. They require an intermediary or a third party to process the payments included. Hence, the creation of decentralized LockTrip can improve the world. It uses Ethereum blockchain to eliminate all those agents and to ensure a transparent execution of all transactions

The Decentralized LOC Ledger

It can regulate any transactions and interactions in the middle of hotel/property providers and its clients. Inside the system, there will be some guidelines and processes administrated by smart contract set in EVM. LOC Ledger keeps all the transactions and manages the execution of every transaction. Furthermore, it runs only with the LOC tokens.  However, applications that wish to join the engine can have additional value services like the conversion method for their payments. It can be completed by integrating external currencies or by using internal algorithms.

The LOC Token and Regulations

It is the unchanging part of LockTrip. As the utility token, it grants access to the LOC Ledger. If anyone purchases LOC token, they open the complete service capabilities of the decentralized booking marketplace. It will assist customers to reserve accommodation and hotels, rental properties or have other related services. Owners can accept this form of the token as the client’s payment. They can make a withdrawal of those on the LockTrip.com marketplace and other platform associated to it. Other currencies in the form of fiat and crypto are accepted but may have 1% – 3% charges.


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