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Lukas Tassanyi Aka MicroHash Joins the IOTA Foundation

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The IOTA Foundation recently announced that it is adding a longstanding stalwart of its ecosystem to its organization formally. German student Lukas Tassanyi, who is more commonly known as MicroHash in the IOTA community is joining the organization as a software engineer.

Lukas’ Work on IOTA

The German is currently studying Bachelor of Computer Science at the Technical University Dresden. He has worked extensively on the IOTA Spam Fund. The fund was created to incentivize spamming on the network which could help in speeding up the IOTA blockchain transactions. The fund provides a small amount of IOTA tokens donated by the community to spammers to cover their proof-of-work costs.

However, his most important contribution to the ecosystem was through his Medium articles on Qubic. He has used the Qubic protocol for Qubic Lite, a project much appreciated within the IOTA community. Qubic Lite works as a second layer on top of the IOTA

Users appreciated his foray into the company, with several community members congratulating him on his new position on Reddit.

What Does Lukas Feel About His New Role?

Lukas talked extensively about his new role in the organization, saying:

“Ever since I found out about IOTA, I was in complete awe of its lightweight design. Quite soon I started to play around with the libraries which got me involved as a community developer rather quickly. Once Qubic was announced, the concept of writing smart contracts on top of the Tangle motivated me to develop Qubic Lite as a simplified proof-of-concept to showcase that the Qubic theory is indeed feasible.”

Lukas will now be able to contribute directly to Qubic. He commented that he is very excited to be contributing to the official version and feels honored to work with several talented people at the IOTA Foundation. He further stated that he would be using this new work opportunity to hone his software engineering skills.

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