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McAfee Twitter on Fire Again, Influencer Laughs on Bitfi Hackers

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May 3, 2018 Santa Clara / CA / USA - McAfee corporate headquarters building located in Silicon Valley, south San Francisco bay area. Source; shutterstock.com

In one of his latest tweets, antivirus software mogul turned crypto influencer, John McAfee, took a dig at the people claiming to have hacked the “unhackable” crypto wallet known as BitFi. He not only mocked these people but also talked extensively to both supporters and skeptics within the tweet thread.

What Did McAfee Say?

McAfee’s August 14 tweet read:

In some of his previous tweets, he had been extensively and aggressively promoting the cryptocurrency wallet, claiming that it is “unhackable.”  The website even started a bounty program and supplied wallets preloaded with currency. They claimed that the bounty was not in place to find any vulnerabilities because there aren’t any. The claims were met with skepticism and derision by many security researchers and developers.

Some researchers have identified and posted code vulnerabilities and talked about them extensively on their blogs. However, most recently, some were able to hack into the wallet. These people could root the wallet, which was confirmed by BitFi, as noted by CNET. However, the company maintains that rooting a device is not hacking.

Moving the Goal Posts

McAfee has mocked and criticized people for stating they have been able to hack the wallet that but has reiterated that no one can steal the crypto – a precondition for successfully ‘hacking’ the device and claiming the bounty.

Pen Test Partners, a security research firm, claims that it has been able to pull cash from the wallet too. This was quoted by its security researcher, Andrew Tierney, who revealed on Twitter (@cybergibbons) that the hack and cash outflow happened.

Bitfi Is Threatening Skeptics

It also looks like those who are opposed to the utopia of unhackable devices are receiving threats from the company.  BitFi is sending threats to people who are hacking into their wallets, ironically, as part of their bounty program. Tierney called out the threats on Twitter.

The debate is growing hotter by the day, and the role McAfee plays in this situation must come under scrutiny.

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