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NBA Milwaukee Bucks Coowner Predicts Bitcoin Investors’ Profits Will Multiply by 10 in 3 Years

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NBA Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry sees a lot of potential in Bitcoin’s future, as well as that of its investors. Lasry predicts the value of Bitcoin will skyrocket, and investors will be seeing an increase of up to 10 times in just three to five years, according to CNBC. The 58-year-old billionaire executive emphasized that the accessibility and acceptance of cryptocurrency could greatly influence its future value.

A Promising Future

Lasry believes that the value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin will start picking up as soon as they become more mainstream and get adopted on a broader scale.

The Avenue Capital Group CEO predicts Bitcoin’s price will balloon to a whopping $40,000 once it becomes more mainstream and easily accessible. In a CNBC interview, Lasry revealed that he believes Bitcoin is going to be the cryptocurrency that has the “biggest market benefit.” However, Lasry admits that he regrets not investing in cryptocurrencies much sooner than he should have.

The 58-year-old billionaire points out that he should have bought Bitcoin when they were valued at $300 a few years back. The NBA Milwaukee Bucks co-owner also unveiled his total investment in cryptocurrency, which is around 1% of his total fortune. While Lasry’s global investment firm Avenue Capital Group holds about $9.6 billion in assets, he claims that he uses his own money for purchasing cryptocurrency.

The value on the Rise

While Lasry talks about Bitcoin’s promising future value, its market price is heading up once again. According to Forbes, Bitcoin’s value has increased 16% in just a week. The price of Bitcoin now sits at over $7,000.

Although Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency that is benefiting from double-digit percentage increases. Both Ethereum and XRP are also seeing an increase of about 11.36% and 13.12%, respectively. Reports say that the sudden spike in value happened within the last two days after new Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon expressed some positive sentiments in regard to cryptocurrency.

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