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New Crypto TV Documentary Seeks Funds on Kickstarter

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Ryazan, Russia - April 29, 2018 Homepage of Kickstarter website on the display of PC, url - Kickstarter.com

A new documentary dedicated to the decentralization of the internet (Web 3.0) and cryptocurrencies called Cryptopia has created a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. The filmmaker is seeking $15,886 to fund the entire documentary. Of this, $14,966 has already been pledged by several backers. The project will only be funded if it achieves its goals by November 13.

Who Is Making the Documentary?

The documentary is being created by a Melbourne, Australia based filmmaker who previously made “‘Bitcoin’ The End of Money As We Know It.” The first film also began with a Kickstarter campaign of A$17,362 in 2014. Released in July 2015, it became one of the most pirated documentaries of the year and went on to win the Van Gogh Award at the Amsterdam Film Festival 2015.

Now, filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann is coming back to address bigger concerns about Bitcoin, blockchains and the fate of the internet. When the first movie came out, Bitcoin was worth $280. Since then, the premier cryptocurrency of the world has increased a lot, reaching a high of $20,000 before falling unceremoniously to around $6,000.

What Is Cryptopia All About?

The documentary focuses on blockchain becoming the future of the internet, challenging technology giants and their hold on the internet today. The blockchain is being touted as the ultimate solution to privacy, creating a cyberutopia where elections will be unhackable and existing institutions will not be able to enforce their centralized authority.

The team behind Cryptopia states on their Kickstart page:

“First, let us be clear: Our new documentary CRYPTOPIA will be very different from ‘Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It’ where we focused on the history of money, economics, central banking, and Bitcoin.”

The team is working with a bigger budget this time, allowing more creative ideas. They are planning shoots in China, Australia, Switzerland, and Germany. The team has gotten the journalist and podcaster Laura Shin involved to help with the project. The project is in the last phase of production.

Some of the money raised by the Kickstarter campaign will be used for educational materials. About A$4,500 will go into creating study guides and DVDs that can be accessed by school teachers and librarians. Another A$9,600 will be needed for animations and graphics used in the documentary. The team also needs drones (costing A$3,350) and music and design work for the documentary (costing A$4,950).

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